Today we explore the areas of natural nutrition and seed based alternatives to the dangerous chemicals provided by Big Pharma and GMO crops dominating Big Ag.

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Guest: Dr. Bradford Weeks, MD

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When we look at nutritious foods we often overlook the most nutritious parts of plants; namely seeds.  Seeds contain more nutrition and health benefits than all other parts of the plant combined, and can provide it without having to eat large quantities.  Seeds also contain important vitamins such as B-17 (laetrile) that other parts of the plant don't contain.

The old saying “you are what you eat” couldn't be closer to reality, especially as our food sources become less natural and chemicals replace a healthy diet as part of daily life.  Although American agriculture has benefitted in amazing ways from innovation and new technologies in food production, not every new idea has been properly vetted as a healthy food source.

Almost every major food crop has seen genetic modification to make it grow faster, larger, more plentiful and with less natural predation from insects and disease.  A case in point is RoundUp ready GMO modified corn, which is almost universally planted across America. The same can be said for wheat, oats, rice, soy and other cereal crops that make up large percentages of our daily diet and contain built in pesticide DNA to increase yield through resistance to pests.  Although the field of Agronomy has done many wonderful things to improve the bottom line for farmers around the world, we are only beginning to understand the long term impacts of bioengineered plants and foodstuffs in the area of human health. This in combination with mineral depletion and greatly modified soil biology on over farmed soils, many medical conditions and diseases that were virtually unknown 100 years ago have become commonplace and cancer has skyrocketed. Meanwhile we lack a reasonable understanding of how our chemically dependent Agribusiness food producers figure into that equation.

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Agriculture has transformed over the past 75 years from a very labor intensive but quite natural family operation to a highly mechanized, chemically dependent system of corporate landholdings with small farms and ranches being swallowed up and otherwise falling by the wayside.  Furthermore, livestock producers and animal husbandry has followed much the same script with growth hormones and GMO modified animal feed the norm nationwide for operators producing most of our dietary animal protein.

Organic farming and ranching operations once considered eccentric or quaint, has become much more fashionable as the connections between genetically modified foods and health problems come home to roost.  Increasingly, we are made aware of the cause and effect links between man-made chemicals and the man made diseases overwhelming our health care systems.

With the recent push for vaccination worldwide to stop the Covid-19 plandemic, it is becoming clear to thinking people that something sinister is afoot.  The cries for lockdowns and warnings that death by Covid is imminent if we don't succumb to Draconian government edicts, doesn't seem to square with actual death statistics.  Even with promises of large cash bonuses for hospitals identifying Covid cases and the glaring statistical absence of deaths by influenza, heart attacks and other natural causes since the advent of Covid, the total death by illness statistics have declined in 2020, then skyrocketed when the Covid inoculation percentages increased in the general population.

Moreover, the vaccine related deaths and serious health problems that are being intentionally underreported by the lamestream media make us question the motivation of universal mandatory inoculation.  Thinking adults can't avoid seeing the well coordinated propaganda campaign being waged worldwide by government technocrats selling total submission to top down government control of every aspect of our lives.  This certainly is not the American constitutional government of free men we have grown to revere and cherish.

There are alternatives to the drugging of America and seed nutrition through products like Rain Soul can provide a way to strengthen your immune system and personal health.

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