America and most of the free market capitalist economies are under open attack by forces of globalism, Marxism and crony capitalism.

As a lifelong observer of human nature and the lack of spiritual discipline that most modern societies embrace, it is not impossible to see how easily 21st century civic institutions are manipulated and destroyed by those with enormous wealth and a desire to control others.

As one by one the iconic American institutions holding us together like glue are attacked, compromised, abandoned, and replaced by anarchy and civil disorder, we are forced to admit that many institutions we took for granted as rock solid could only have fallen from an internal rot and lack of fealty to the cause of liberty.

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Guest: Mark Sutherland ~ Movie Producer, Political Analyst and Public Speaker born and raised in the United Kingdom, Mark has been involved in the Television and film industry in various roles in the U.K. since 1992, making drama for the BBC, ITV and CH4. Mark co-produced and designed a feature film as well as a number of short films. His films have won awards on both sides of the Atlantic.  Mark has a background in education, having used his practical skills to teach in the U.K. Senior High Schools for 14 years prior to his career in movie production. His technical assistance on various film projects depicting the events of January 6, 2021 have been viewed worldwide in coordination with the efforts of David Sumrall, Tim Rivers and others exposing the American Gulag system emerging after that seminal event in American history. Mark is a frequent guest host of Connecting the Dots and host his own podcast on the UK.

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The true enemies of mankind are communism, Marxism, fascism, environmentalism, and globalism.

That seems like a lot of isms that have little in common from a 50,000 foot view. That is until you understand their hatred of all things Christian and love of all things secular. I thought I had a fairly complete understanding of the many enemies and challenges facing America. I now realize how little I actually knew, and the depth of my naivety.

Although I spent much of my life categorized as a conspiracy theorist, I had barely scratched the surface of the open conspiracy against humanity that is imbedded in the new age, Marxist, environmental, global governance, transhumanist movement.

It's time for humanity to recognize the peril of our sheepish and feckless response in the face of an enormous existential threat.

The deep state swamp in our nation's capitol is only a small part of a much bigger swamp that encompasses most of the globe in an open war between crony capitalists (fascists), communists and globalist technocrats. This devil's brew has been growing like a cancer from pole to pole for the past 200 years. Meanwhile, those of us that just want to live in peace and enjoy the blessings God has given us are trapped in the middle, attacked from all sides.

The various ism factions have enlisted support from a cast of useful idiots from every realm of the political spectrum leveraging all societal differences as weapons to divide and conquer, lest we recognize the true enemies of humanity and lock arms in the common goal of liberating ourselves from oppression.

Anyone who tells you that America won the Cold War against communism in 1991 is either clueless or part of the Marxist cabal that has clandestinely consumed the substance of our mortal world under the fein of weakness.

Our institutions of higher learning and public schools have become incubators of Marxist dogma, training our youth to hate the America of our founders and worship at the alter of collectivism……….green collectivism.

The mainstream media which at least pretended to represent the truth and real news in times past, has become the willing lapdogs of global masters, helping through their coverups to turn the world into a totalitarian police state/technocracy controlled by a handful of the ultra rich and powerful in banking, technology, and big business.

We are literally controlled by a shadow government of the Power Elite working through their bureaucratic lackeys that have stolen our republic through unconstitutional rules, regulations, and laws created by them, for their benefit, not for the good of average Americans.

The latest and most willful example of their contempt for WE THE PEOPLE surfaced during and after the 2020 presidential election, wherein a respected Populist President Donald Trump has seen a landslide election win stolen through almost embarrassingly open fraud and vote harvesting by global adversaries and home grown traitors to the cause of liberty.

We are being told to grow up and face facts; America is openly embracing Marxism and the end to national sovereignty. We are told that most Americans want to be part of the New World Order and are willing to give up all that we have enjoyed as a constitutional republic. The problem with this lie is that it is not only wrong, it is overwhelmingly wrong……most Americans cherish liberty and the right to live their lives freely, not under the boot of totalitarianism.

In the UK and around the world, politically astute observers are looking to America as the last best hope for liberty and freedom in the civilized world. They are praying that Americans will awaken in time to save ourselves, then become the liberators of the rest of humanity. It is up to us to accept that responsibility.

The traitors in our midst must be exposed and we must insist that our elected representatives honor their oath of office and stand in defense of our republic. There is no reasonable option; we either stand and fight for our freedom now, or we slink meekly to our eventual subjugation.

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