TAKING A DEEP DIVE INTO THE DEEP STATE…  By now the most ill-informed and naive amongst us have heard the term “deep state” and are beginning to understand that a force exists within the federal government that acts independently from elected, representative government.

It wields power that can destroy even popularly elected leaders.  The fourth estate of professional bureaucrats filling cabinet level administrative agencies are so deeply entrenched that at times it seems like no-one or no-thing can stop them from imposing their will upon the American people.

That political will just happens to be socialism, and more importantly, totalitarianism.

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Guest: Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Ivan E. Raiklin, former Green Beret and Constitutional Attorney Served 25 years in the DOD, Intel and Special Operations Communities and DTRA as an enlisted, officer, civilian, contractor on active duty, reserves and national guard across 5 states: IA, NY, MA, MS, TX and 5 continents in five languages (Russian, Spanish, Arabic, French, English-naturally).  Ivan served as a Green Beret Commander countering ISIS in the Middle East, Taliban in Afghanistan, MS-13 in Central America, countering Russian aggression as a military diplomat in the Republic of Georgia.  Most recently he was an instructor at the Joint Military Intelligence Training Center teaching the US Intelligence intel community and international partners about intelligence analysis, national security and multinational operations.

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Many of the useful idiots occupying the deep state within the U.S. government actually believe that they are on a crusade to save the planet, which in their perverse minds, can only happen by destroying the many freedoms Americans have enjoyed for over two centuries.

The international Power Elite that gained so much wealth from free enterprise and total control of international banking, knew that money could buy anything, especially weak willed political hacks and leftist ideologues suckling on the government teet. It appears that the Power Elite have spent their ill-gotten gains wisely!!

Current Congressional hearings on the “Weaponization of Government” have exposed the undeniable levels of corruption within the CIA, FBI, Justice, IRS, EPA, DOD………the list goes on and on.

Meanwhile, the many Quislings in elected office tell the American people “there's nothing to see here, just walk by and look the other way”, while those who refuse are threatened and harassed by taxpayer funded law enforcement agencies, or made prisoners of the American Gulag system.

Other trusted American institutions have been gradually subsumed by leftist ideologues until academic bodies at all levels are merely incubators for Marxist extremism, while the bought and paid for mainstream media serves it's masters as the propaganda arm of The American Communist Party aka ‘The Democratic and Establishment Republican Parties”.

Why do I include the Republican Party in this expose' of the Deep State? Quite correctly it can be said that there are some within the Republican Party that still believe in the American Dream and are willing to defend that dream at all costs. The same might be said of 1 or 2 Democrats.

Sadly, they are in a very small minority, with most in office more than 1 term rolling over and playing dead out of fear of expulsion from the “good old boys club”. An old joke in the Washington District of Criminals is that “Everyone in government knows that D.C. is a sewer, it just takes a few terms in office for politicians to learn to use it like a hot tub”.

In fact the deep state has held an inordinate amount of power and influence for well over 100 years, and is responsible for at least two U.S. Presidential assassinations and several more attempted.

The Deep State is very real and very evil.  Wishing that statement to be untrue will not make it untrue, it will only make the consequences worse if you don't act.

The great Republican icon, Theodore Roosevelt was a benefactor of the assassination of President William McKinley.  Although Roosevelt became McKinley's running mate at the insistence of the Republican establishment only shortly before the election, his rapid ascension to the Presidency after McKinley's murder changed America forever.  Roosevelt was the first progressive socialist American President, from a family of wealthy bankers and internationalists.

Roosevelt sought American Imperialism and was a Fabian socialist to his rotten core.  When his successor, President Taft, refused to follow Teddy's socialist /globalist programs and decided that Americans must return to a more constitutional form of Republicanism, Teddy came out of retirement to form a new political party called the “American Progressive Socialist” aka “Bull Moose Party” to assure that progressive Democrat Woodrow Wilson was elected to office instead of Taft.

Consequently, during Wilson's Presidency, the Federal Reserve Act, Income Tax and many other unconstitutional progressive programs were enacted. Our fate as a republic has been sealed by a series of traitors to the Constitution from both parties; many considered historical icons.

The key to fighting back against the deep state and the globalist oligarchy is in understanding the depth of the problem, and an acceptance of reality combined with a desire to do something about it.

So much of our history is propaganda and outright lies that we need to become readers and researchers willing to use the newly created power of the internet to learn the truth. Most people refuse to pick up a non-fiction book and read; but they should be willing to learn from those who do, and be wise enough to research and verify for themselves.  God gave us a brain and the power of discernment for a reason. That reason is survival.

We need to rediscover the American institution of liberal classical education that made us the most literate (98% literacy in 1800) and informed people on earth.  We must again become critical thinkers.

Turn off television and remove your children from group-think incubators known as public education that are destroying their ability to reason. Knowing that something is wrong, but being unwilling to respond is not an option when dealing with the levels of sheer evil that now surround us.

This podcast prides itself in presenting information that is both truthful and unwilling to compromise in the face of controlled opposition.  Use the information we provide to free yourselves and start thinking outside the box…………but more importantly start using that wonderful brain God gave you for discernment and survival.

If you don't care about your survival, just maybe you should accept responsibility for your children and grandchildren.  The world we leave behind should not curse our souls for taking so little responsibility in our role as protectors.



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