Juliett Engel was there when the former Soviet Union collapsed and the Russian Federation came in.  She stayed there for nearly 20 years and worked within the Russian Federation and created something called Angels Over Moscow.

The Angels Coalition that she formed has been responsible for saving more than 20,000 young women and children and young adults from the sex slavery that was so prevalent throughout that part of the world.   Julia told me the big problem area in that federation of countries was Ukraine…

…and the number one recipient of child trafficking and trafficking in general is the United States of America.

And it's hard for Americans to get their hands around the idea that the United States has been so deeply involved in this sort of thing.  But then when you look at how deep the deep state is and how totally awful the deep state has become how rotten to the core and how anti Christian.  It's kind of easy to understand exactly how we got to where we have, where we're at today.

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Guest: Juliette Engel MD – In her remarkable book, SPARKY: Surviving Sex Magick, Dr. Juliette Engel tells her own story of her life as a girl-child born into a family of intelligence operatives. In 1955 at the age of six, she was sold by her father into the CIA's secret Monarch MK Ultra program. At age ten, she was selected for Sex Magick because she was tall, smart, and pretty.  Throughout childhood, she was subjected to physical and mental torture including sexual abuse in the process of creating multiple identities. As a teenager, she was trained in the art of seduction, physics, ariosophy, cybernetics and genocide at the Stanford Research Institute and Hoover Institution in preparation for life undercover in Russia.

We are living in a surreal world controlled by less than 1% of the human population who are systematically destroying civilization as we know it.

Far too many Americans would rather give up their freedom than give up their leisure time or addiction to television.  The most addicted to television sports are often the least athletic, most overweight and uncoordinated of us who dreamed of sports stardom but never had the natural athletic ability to succeed.

Television sports has provided many with the opportunity to live vicariously through athletes with actual physical prowess without the sacrifice of working out, strength/endurance training and living a healthy lifestyle.

Thus, beer guzzling, snack food junkies could fantasize their way into national athletic prominence through faux sports team and celebrity alliances.

Television in general created a fantasy world that many bored Americans became addicted to, with many never managing to shake the habit.  So much so, that video games and smart devices became a natural next step in the mind control process that ushered in two way interaction between machine and man.

This human/machine interaction allowing anyone to participate, has bridged the psychological gap to our youth that made AI and transhumanism threatening to older Americans.

Children as young as 1 year old are being trained to communicate through AI and are increasingly less interactive with humans, and more interactive with machines.  Parents become less influential in all realms and a propaganda network transfers the role of parent /protector/provider to woke public school progenitors and software developers, often from communist countries.  If this sounds a bit over the top, go to any restaurant or airport and watch the crowd.

Twenty years ago, the places were abuzz with conversation between travelers and patrons……today all are texting and watching their “devices” with almost no interpersonal interaction.

In many homes it is the same, with parents becoming less involved as role models, while social engineers remake society by transferring that responsibility to woke teachers and school administrators.

The point of this article is to remind Americans that most of the sacrifice made by prior generations has been surrendered to a new ruling class that could not have evolved without the acquiescence of average Americans.  We have become soft and complacent concurrently, seeking entertainment and faux reality as an alternative to sacrifice and personal responsibility's.

This has certainly not gone unnoticed by those determined to control us.

As we grow fat, lazy and stupid, they grow strong by sucking the life blood out of our free market system and by transferring wealth and power to the handful of elite bankers and crony capitalists at the pinnacles of global power.

We will never get our country back by expecting others to do the heavy lifting, or by forcing a few responsibly concerned citizens to carry the burden for those consistently looking for the easy way out. As free market economist Milton Friedman said, “there aint no such thing as a free lunch”.

If we aren't willing to pay the price for freedom by getting and staying involved as watchdogs of the government, media and academic institutions that increasingly control our lives; they will eventually suck the life out of Americans like the cancer they have become.

We no longer have the option of living the easy life.  The easy life has evaporated and a very hard austere existence is the best we can expect from the “sustainable” trajectory we are currently on.

With that said; there appears to be hope on the horizon.
Responsible parents have seen such an indelible “fundamental transformation” of traditional American culture through the public education system that even those soundly asleep conformists are beginning to see the light.
That brilliant woke light in rainbow colors is looking more and more like Hell on Earth as it consumes the flower of our youth in very diabolical ways.

Moral and spiritual absolutes are being erased by revisionists and degenerates of all flavors, while we are bombarded daily with New Age philosophies that regard humanity as little more than Gaia destroying parasites and 76 gender trainable monkeys useful for their perverse sexual pleasures.

Recent boycotts of Disney, Budweiser, Target and other corporate behemoths that were charging full steam ahead with the WOKE bandwagon, put the global plutocrats on notice that American consumers still have a great deal of financial clout when sufficiently riled.

With mainstream media being entirely controlled by the WOKE Marxists, only recently have many Americans shut off the One Eyed Mindsucker (television) and are now getting the majority of their information from alternative media and internet sources.

Two plus two has never equaled five, and eventually the dullest minds have to admit that they are being sold on ideas that make no sense whatsoever.  Most Americans still support traditional beliefs and values that hold honesty and love of family as important social absolutes.

Just because we are being fed bullshit by the trainload, it certainly doesn't mean we should swallow it. Common sense was a hallmark of the American Middle Class that kept us on a fairly even keel despite every effort by cultural Marxists to derail us.

Turning our children into mind-controlled illiterates thru public education has been in full effect for at least a half century.

Although the very brightest children are doing remarkably well, the vast majority of public school graduates are well below the standards for most of the developed world.

Trillions of dollars pumped into a system designed to create mind controlled automatons has been remarkably successful at just that. the U.S. literacy rate has fallen nearly 60% in 200 years, and hard working Middle Class Americans have been forced fund our own demise.

Since we are in the majority, why can't we just say NO loudly and expect results. We can, but we must do it in unison and we must do it with resolve……… demanding results.

One percent of the worlds population is the tail wagging the dog for the other 99%.  It's time to quit fighting amongst ourselves and permanently end rule by the few over the many.


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