Last week we explored the journey from constitutional money based on gold and silver, controlled by Congress, and owned by the people; to a system of digital fiat money, based completely on debt, and controlled by a cartel of private central bankers. This week we will explore the world of Crypto currencies and the possibility that International Central Bankers are hard at work to capture and control the block chain revolution and create the ultimate money trap and control mechanism for the citizens of the world. Some feel that by capturing the block chain (distributed ledger) digital currency through standardization Central Bankers can own humanity.

This week's guest, Kent Lewiss recently penned and widely distributed a comprehensive article where he states:

“It was never a concern to central banks that Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency would replace the central banks control over money. The introduction of Bitcoin was to get society used to a cashless society, and to get libertarians to build the central banker control system for them. After all tangible assets and commodities are placed on centralized government controlled blockchains utilizing standardization, it will not matter if a person utilizes an anonymous cryptocurrency, the government knows who you are and can tax you.
Think about it, much or everything you purchase, will be on a government controlled centralized blockchain. They will be able to utilize each and every cryptocurrency ever created to conduct transactions on their blockchains, therefore Libertarians created the cashless society and created the world control system for them.”

Many see crypto currencies and block chain technologies as the best way to reform a worldwide fiat monetary system that faces total collapse and threatens to destroy humanity. Kent Lewiss feels that humanity is falling for the ultimate trap and will become willing participants in a cashless society planned by central bankers from the beginning.

All roads lead to Rome and the ultimate destruction of the U.S. monetary system is being implemented through block chain technologies for the ultimate control.

Kent Lewiss – is the founder and creator of He is the CEO of Uncensored Freedom Inc. and Freedom Currency Inc. He is a Conceptional Software Engineer and a Pure ~ free thinking visionary who is a legit freedom fighting entrepreneur and who loves to pay it forward and see people succeed.

Kent’s intent is to work with the blockchain and cryptocurrency community to build out open source marketplaces and circumvent the coming beast system. FACT is, BITCOIN IS CONTROLLED BY THE FEDERAL RESERVE.

FEDcoin Around the Corner? – Introduction:

Personally, I am not anti-government, I am pro government for and by the people.

I was recently speaking with my friend G. Edward Griffin in which I said, “Ed, what governments, banks and big business are doing with specifically the blockchain is going to make what they did on Jekyll Island look like a walk in the park, this will literally enslave all of humanity, and they tricked libertarians and the decentralized cryptocurrency community into creating their control system for them”.

The Freedom Movement and libertarians focused on the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies and did not pay attention to what banks, countries and corporations were doing specifically with distributed ledger technology. The Freedom Movement and libertarians focused have been tricked into creating the beast system for the central banks.

It is up to the Freedom Movement and the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Community to work together to create solutions for people who choose to live free can live free.

****Kent's Report – The Central Bankers Evil Blockchain
****Kent's Solution – Freedom Solutions

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