Marxist useful idiots and high IQ nitwits are working feverishly to “fundamentally transform” America into their Utopian vision. Then what?

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Guest: Carl Teichrib – is a researcher, writer, and lecturer focusing on the paradigm shift sweeping the Western world, including the challenges and opportunities faced by Christians. His book Game of Gods Carl describes a world filled with a sense of uncertainty and foreboding. Anticipation of things to come is palpable, and it’s more than a feeling in the air. We are witnessing a titanic impact at the crossroads of religion, politics, technology, and culture. Fundamentally it is a collision of worldviews, and we are all experiencing the shockwaves.

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As the evil side of socialism becomes harder to hide and even harder to explain, I think of the many well meaning Utopian socialists that completely bought into the lie that not all socialism has to turn out badly, and that some forms of socialism are really very warm and fuzzy.  They point to countries in Western Europe as examples of how a softer form of socialism works effectively for the citizens in those countries, while providing a safety net for all.  They often point to Denmark as the poster child of socialism that works.

The problem with the leftist lie that Denmark is the ideal socialist nation is that………'s just not true.  Denmark has dropped many of their socialist programs in favor of more realistic business models based on free market capitalism.  Denmark was being overwhelmed by debt while losing any competitive edge under socialism, and out of necessity dropped their corporate tax rate from a high of 50% in the 1980s to their current rate of 22% to keep their business sector from imploding.  Additionally, their individual income tax rate has been lowered to one of the lowest in the world; a low of 3.67% with a top income tax rate of 18.67%.  How do they pay for their vaste welfare state? Surprisingly, they have been forced to reduce the size of the welfare state and fund what's left with a VAT (value added tax) much like a universal sales tax rate of 25%.  That VAT excludes certain staple food items.  That way the poor who cannot afford to buy the latest toys and gadgets don't have to spend money they don't have on a tax they can't afford. Oh, and guess what?  The non-resident flat tax rate for aliens is 33.84% and very few are eligible for any of the socialist goodies that the American progressives want handed out in our country.  Although they are being invaded by immigrants, like the rest of Europe they have historically had a very homogenous culture.  That is rapidly changing because of EU open border immigration policies that tie directly to the push for world government. Something stinks in Denmark; or maybe that stink is coming from the D.C. swamp instead. The people behind the socialist fables and Utopian plans being fed to Americans by our political class are usually cranks like Bernie Sanders, China Joe Obiden and Kamala Harris that have never held an honest (non public sector) job in their life.  It's easy to give away other people's money when you've spent your entire life sucking on the government teat.

Nothing in reality matches the Utopian propaganda of the left………Nothing!!  Their control of media and academia is so total that anyone not born with a natural curiosity and willingness to look outside of the very small mainstream box is not likely to hear anything but leftist tripe their entire lives.  Since most people want to believe that they are caring and open minded folks that root for the underdog, they accept the swill taught to them by carefully prepared Marxist educators who always claim to stand for “the little guys”, even when it is demonstrably untrue.  For 60+ years these Marxists were limited to being college professors, but with the melding of U.S. and Soviet Public K-12 Education models in the 1980s under the careful tutelage of UNESCO, Marxism became a platform for all levels of American education.

And where does the funding come from for all these Marxist experiments in our schools and society?  Why, from you of course; if not directly through taxation, from the Tax Exempt Foundations and UN sanctioned NGOs that control our world with their unrecognized influence and unlimited money.  And now that they have nearly bankrupted the entire free world, it is time to reap the rewards and end all rights to private property, privacy, free speech and Christianity……as Orwell wrote in his dystopian novel 1984 “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever”.

And guess what?  At the very top of the heap of global, Utopian socialist/ Marxist control sits a handful of indescribably wealthy families that will destroy the useful idiots, high IQ nitwits and Libtard Savant Marxists that they have sponsored to bring America down……..that is if the Chinese communists don't destroy them first!  When you stand back and look at the big picture envisioned by the Power Elite, it leaves little room for a warm and fuzzy anything.  The world they have worked so hard to create, will be a world of transhuman (part man/part machine) creatures controlled by the handful of Power Elite that will own everything in a Feudalistic society much like that ruling Europe during the Middle Ages.  Did I mention that 93% of all living humans will be exterminated?  The communist Chinese plan to take over the whole world may beat them to the punch, but it is not likely.  DOES THAT SOUND LIKE A GREAT PLACE TO LIVE OR WHAT???

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