There is a direct connection between genetic
engineering, vaccine mandates and transhumanism.
(connecting the dots)

Technocracy, transhumanism and the plan to meld man and machine is not a new idea.  It is however an idea that required major advancements in technology to be fully realized.  We have now reached the tipping point where the process of transhumanism can and is being implemented.

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Guest: Patrick Wood is a leading and critical expert on Sustainable Development, Green Economy, Agenda 21, 2030 Agenda and historic Technocracy.  Patrick maintains a daily news website called Technocracy.News that is the best information on the world of Technocracy and Transhumanism.

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Many of the the most wealthy and powerful in society have yearned to be omnipotent and live forever.  They have invested billions of dollars in scientific research into cryogenic projects that would allow their brain to be removed upon their death and stored in a way that would allow them to be reborn at a future time when the technology was advanced enough to allow perpetual life.  Mind boggling advancements in super computers, artificial intelligence, robotics and genetic transmutation have made this possible, not tomorrow……  The globalist/techie term for this is man/machine transformation is “Human Augmentation”.

Humans in this brave new world lose the essence of Godly humanity (their soul) and become little more than platforms for experimentation and manipulation.  This is the ultimate power mad racism; creating a social hierarchy with a handful of very wealthy and powerful in charge of “creation” while most humans are viewed merely as intelligent apes capable of being trained to serve their masters.  Knowledgeable Christians call this the ultimate battle between good and evil……………….appropriately so.

Originally envisioned as a way to create super soldiers, or as Hiltler would say, “ubermen”, military planners have drooled at the idea of fielding sophisticated intelligent man/machines that combine the ability to strategize on the fly while having the speed and durability of a finely tuned machine.  Although most Americans are painfully ignorant on the subject, many experiments in this technology have been conducted by advanced military planners around the world for decades and are being deployed as of this writing; but it doesn't stop there.

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Neo-fascist scum like Klaus Schwab are openly talking about their vision for a new world order of self appointed technocrats steering humanity into this brave new world of human augmentation.  At the 2021 World Economic Forum Schwab opined about the marvelous opportunity that the Covid pandemic (plandemic) provided to move society into his vision of a brave new world where humans would “own nothing, and you'll be happy about it”.  He then went on to talk about the 4th Industrial Revolution and how human augmentation, (connecting humans to the cloud) with AI enhancements and a cashless society based on social credits, would make life ideal and save the world from human exploitation.  Left unsaid was the transformation of humans from independent, God fearing, creative and moral creatures into little more than intelligent cattle in a virtual slaughterhouse controlled by megalomaniacs.  That doesn't sound very utopian to me.

Science has replaced God in the transhumanist psyche.  Man becomes God, but only a particular class of elite men who see themselves as the ultimate purveyors of truth and wisdom through science and technology.  Their brilliance makes them the ideal rulers of humanity in this egotistical world of technocratic megalomaniacs.  Understanding that individualism and free will is diametrically opposed to the mindset of transhumanists is to understand why totalitarianism and Marxism is such a perfect fit with their “brave new world” of progressive thinking.  Free will has no place in the control grid matrix of transhumanism, any more than private property, nation states or Christianity.

If you think that these diabolically evil men don't exist, you had better wake up and smell the coffee.  Their written and spoken words are everywhere, and wishing this isn't true won't change their plan to control humanity.  Klaus Schwab is only one of many globalists with plans to reinvent mankind in their image.

When I started speaking openly against Agenda 21 several decades ago, I was accused of wearing a tinfoil hat and of seeing boogymen that didn't exist.  Although thousands of pages existed outlining their vision for the 21st Century in their own words, few would take the time to research and verify.  Globalist plans for control of every aspect of our lives from cradle to grave, or their stated goal of reducing the human population by 93% just seemed too over the top to believe.  It was much easier to kill the messenger than read the message, especially when that message outlines a future for humanity vastly different than the one God created.

For those inclined toward intellectual curiosity instead of cognitive dissonance and dullness of wit, this did not seem such an impossible task; however, for the rest………………

Political leadership in the 21st Century is filled with a few tyrants and many complete imbeciles.  Why?  We are being led to the slaughterhouse because we failed to do our duty to be involved as guardians of liberty.  We expected others to do the hard work for us, choosing comfort and being entertained over participation.  The inevitable result is a government of empty suits and empty promises, more interested in being re-elected to their cushy positions than being guardians of our freedom.

Wake up Americans and get involved. Globalism and treason are indelibly linked. You cannot uphold the oath to protect and defend America against all enemies, foreign and domestic and be a globalist.

The political hacks we call leaders will have to defend one or the other…..they can't legitimately defend both!!!

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