In our Alice in Wonderland world, the rabbit hole once entered seems increasingly bizarre as we descend into a bottomless pit of reality.

What seemed unbelievable tin foil hat conspiracy theory several decades ago, are not only factually correct and provable, but grossly under-reported by our so-called leaders and the controlled press.

Humanity is on the brink of extermination because of those in leadership positions that have no business being there.

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Guest: Elana Freeland is a writer, ghostwriter, lecturer, storyteller, and teacher who researches and writes on Deep State issues, including the stories of survivors of MK-ULTRA, ritual abuse, and invasive electromagnetic weapons.
Guest: Juliette Engel, MD – Dr. Juliette Engel tells her own story of her life as a girl-child born into a family of intelligence operatives.  In 1955 at the age of six, she was sold by her father into the CIA's secret Monarch MK Ultra program.

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As a seasoned podcast host and lifelong observer of man's ability to demonstrate limitless malevolence mixed with astonishing stupidity; it nonetheless amazes me how little I really knew and how much I still have to learn about both of those less than desirable human traits.  Consequently, I have learned the hard way to never say never, especially when dealing with high IQ nitwits, low IQ political hacks, and the limitless numbers of useful idiots willing to do anything for money and acceptance.

To say that there is a particularly malevolent group of Power Elite Globalists that see most of humanity as little more than insects and useless eaters is understatement. 

To say that they are a genocidal bunch of sociopaths and megalomaniacal bastards is giving them the benefit of the doubt.

To label them as pure evil and the number 1 enemy of humanity is spot on.

It was widely reported as far back as 50 years ago that the Soviet and American military industrial complexes were both deeply involved in geoengineering the planet, at first to control battlefield conditions, but later to electrically alter the atmosphere as a weapon to control humans. Projects like HAARP (the High Altitude Active Auraural Research Project) was spending billions of dollars on experiments to electrically charge the ionisphere for weather modification and more recently, to advance projects aimed at controlling human behavior and physical health.

Scientist Nicola Tesla knew more than a century ago that electricity and molecular energy is the key to unlock the doorway to human and biological understanding.  His Free Energy project and many other scientific research projects showed a direct link between planetary electromagnetic forces and the atomic structures of living things.  Tesla's knowledge of the time/space continuum and the physical laws of the universe made Albert Einstein look like a kindergartener. 

Tesla's genius was so much farther advanced than is commonly known, that upon his death, the OSS, later known as the CIA, broke into his small apartment in New York City and hauled away trunks, boxes and file cabinets of his personal work, never to be seen again. 

It is commonly understood in the spyfare/conspiracy community that Tesla's genius is the basis for much of the secret project work being carried out by the Skunk Works and other top secret military/industrial factions.  The tragic irony is that Nocola Tesla died a pauper because he refused to use his genius to create weapons to control mankind, and now his life's work is being used almost exclusively for that purpose.

It is frightening knowing that a group of very powerful megalomaniacs that hold God and his creation in total contempt are the ones in charge of this “brave new world” of advanced technology.  It is even more frightening when you realize that most of these people couldn't change a flat tire by themselves, but because of their wealth can buy the willing lackeys and useful idiots that are willing to do almost anything for fame and fortune.

To those of us who understand the big picture, it's like being chained to the front of a running car full of sugared up toddlers playing with the gas pedal, shifter and steering wheel. Wake up America and get the toddlers out of the cars before we all die!

Wake Up America

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