Our lives are filled with the constant chatter of the mainstream media, warning us of the end of mankind if we refuse to willingly turn over our freedoms and national sovereignty to an unelected group of enlightened leaders working desperately to save us from ourselves. These selfless “leaders” have determined that man-caused (anthropogenic) global warming is destroying our planet wherein the only solution is the destruction of modern industrial society and a return to a primitive lifestyle with all consumption tightly controlled and monitored by these same selfless leaders.

We are told that capitalism is destroying our environment and that we must learn to sacrifice and share our wealth with all of mankind in a perfect balance of nature, resources and a newly redefined human society where individual rights bow to the rights of the collective.

“WHAT” YOU SAY, that sounds just like communism and socialism; it’s never worked before and likely can’t work under any circumstance.

You are immediately identified as a greedy capitalist or one of those crazy constitutionalists and liberty people by mainstays of political correctness like the Southern Poverty Law Center, Earth First and the Center for Biological Diversity. You must be shamed or silenced immediately before someone begins to listen to what used to be called common sense.

Join us for a no-holds-barred look at the new reality of life in December 2018 where the loony leftists have turned the traditions of faith, family and country into a campaign to “fundamentally transform” America into their utopian communist dream called The New World Order.

Tim BallDr. Tim Ball
Samples of Profile & Career History:

  • Extensive science background in climatology, especially the reconstruction of past climates and the impact of climate change on human history and the human condition.
  • Additional experience in water resources and areas of sustainable development, pollution prevention, environmental regulations, the impact of government policy on business and economics.
  • Heavily involved throughout career in local and national committees related to climate, soil conservation, water and water management, and hazardous waste.
  • Researcher/author of numerous papers on climate, long range weather patterns, impacts of climate change on sustainable agriculture, ecosystems, historical climatology, air quality, untapped energy resources, silting and flooding problems, bird migration patterns, historical sites development, impact studies on flooding of aboriginal lands in Manitoba.
  • Chair of provincial boards on water management, environmental issues and sustainable development
  • Columnist for “The Landowners Magazine”
  • Author of Eighteenth Century Naturalists of Hudson Bay With Dr. Stuart Houston and Mary Houston
  • Co-author Slaying of the Sky Dragon now on Kindle and paperback.
  • Winner of Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal
  • Author The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science
  • 1996 to present Environmental consultant, Public Speaker and columnist.
  • 1988 to 1996 Professor at University of Winnipeg
  • 1962 to 1964 Operations Officer, Operational Training Unit, RCAF
  • 1960 to 1962 Aircrew, Navigation, electronics, 415 Squadron, RCAF

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