The World Health Organization and UN are Marxist organizations that could care less about public health and were put in place to control us.

Without U.S. Senate consent or ratification as required by law under the Constitution, (P)resident Obiden decreed that by his Executive Order, World Health Organization (WHO) mandates would henceforth override constitutional rights to determine what substances go into our bodies and would nullify our national/individual rights to privacy in the name of world health for the “greater good” of humanity.

Americans will no longer have the right to refuse forced vaccination for plandemics or any number of WHO mandated actions in the name of world health.

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Guest: Rima E. Laibow, M.D. is the Medical Director of the Natural Solutions Foundation. She is a graduate of Albert Einstein College of Medicine (1970) who believes passionately in the right every American to choose a personal health path that is free of government or corporate interference.

Under the intentionally vague WHO definitions of Public Health Emergencies, this might also include forced acceptance of Agenda 21/2030 sustainable development protocols, communist Chinese style civil lockdowns with forced confinement, universal firearms confiscation under declaration of gun violence as a public health emergency, or even selecting citizens for imprisonment under various pretexts for transport and processing in FEMA, resettlement or re-education camps.

The opportunities for WHO overreach are endless, and if history should teach us anything; once personal liberties are relinquished to tyrants, they are never won back without significant loss of human life.

A massive body of written and physical evidence indicates that Covid-19 was developed as a bio weapon at the CCP controlled Wuhan Lab, with outside funding provided by DARPA, DOD, UNC and others of note during the Obama Administration for “gain of function” research to weaponize the disease. This would ultimately enhance transmissibility of an animal only disease to humans.

When common inexpensive, over the counter drugs such as Ivermectin, Hydroxy Chloroquin, and Clorine Dioxide were identified as effective against Covid 19 during early stages of treatment, the entire medical profession was weaponized as fanatic advocates for untested “mRNA vaccines” with enormous financial incentives provided by Big Pharma, and the Federal Government using taxpayer dollars.

Hospitals, doctors and the mainstream media demonized anyone, including President Trump, for suggesting inexpensive treatment alternatives, while, at the same time, blindly promoting untested mRNA vaccinations, forced hospitalization, Remdesivir prioritization and extensive ventilator protocols as necessary steps to stop the “pandemic'.

In fact, hospitals and doctors were financially incentivized to identify Covid infected patients, with huge cash payouts for every positive Covid diagnosis, Remdesivir injection, and ventilator application, even though it may have resulted in needless injury and unnecessary death.

As new evidence surfaces of intentional misinformation, political and financial ties between the CDC, WHO, WEC, Big Pharma and the “experts” banging the pandemic drum, it is becoming quite clear that Covid 19 was much more than just an accidental virus that jumped across the normal animal/human species transmissibility barriers.

For those of us with natural curiosity, it became painfully clear that a nexus existed between Covid 19 pandemic cause and effect. Although it was most certainly a deadly bio-weapon that culled the elderly and infirm from the human herd, it had other notable political objectives that became obvious over time.

Plainly unconstitutional restrictions on civil liberties, privacy and financial independence were mandated by elected and appointed public officials using the rubric of protecting public health, with far too few citizens questioning their right to do so.

For 2+ years the general population were forced to wear face coverings, distance themselves from friends and family, stay at home, avoid travel, and completely change our lifestyles for a disease that showed scant evidence of being more deadly to healthy adults than most strains of common flu.

Despite inflated Covid 19 death statistics and an almost complete disappearance of mortality from other natural causes and communicable diseases, worldwide yearly death tolls were actually flat during the pandemic; only rising after the vaccine program was well underway.

Reluctance to admit the near total conformity by medical professionals to an untested and totally experimental mRNA injection protocol have shielded the undeniably bad results of the few actual clinical trials for the “vaccines”.

Serious medical conditions that appeared in previously healthy young adults after being fully vaccinated, and an un-explainable increase in blood clots and myocarditis are being covered up and denied rather than being investigated and rectified. At no time in history has the medical profession failed so miserably to uphold the Hippocratic Oath ethical mandate.

Moreover, at no time in U.S. history have our elected officials been so clearly emboldened to enrich and empower themselves at the expense of the electors.

It is clear that Covid was a very bold move by internal and external globalists to transfer societal control from sovereign individuals to municipal, state, national, and eventually world government vis-a-vis the declaration of a public health emergency.

Giving the U.N. and WHO the power to override the U.S. Constitution is a treasonous act by any President. Mark my words; within a very short timeframe a new plandemic or other international emergency will surface, and we will be ordered to relinquish control of society to UN tecnocrats under the guise of protecting us from a deadly disease or environmental calamity. Of course it will be for our own good; even when it results in lockdowns, tyranny, death, and incarceration.

Are we really stupid enough to believe this nonsense despite our lying eyes and ears having experienced 3 years of Covid 19 propaganda?