For the past 2-1/2 years we have connected the dots between perceived reality and reality in the United States of America. The cold, hard truth is that a very small number of financial elites have controlled our banks, mainstream media, academia and political parties for more than a century and are guiding our country and the world into a corporate feudalism that combines communism with crony capitalism, creating an unholy mix of totalitarian control known as technocracy.

Since nearly the beginning of the republic Americans have been increasingly educated in a progressive socialist mindset that teaches collectivism, group think, redistribution of wealth, and social justice, but fails to teach basic mathematics, science, history, grammar and critical thinking; subjects that allowed American exceptionalism to flourish. Free market capitalism and individualism is now demonized and we are increasingly handicapped from competing in the global arena by do-gooders and social engineers that want to reshape America into their vision of a collectivist utopia. An atheistic collectivist utopia that intends to drown Christianity in a sea of secular humanism.

The utopian vision was originally proposed by the most elite of the elite who also happen to be monopoly capitalists and are very, very good at playing all sides against each other while controlling the entire chessboard. They are Grand Masters at creating racial strife, social chaos, financial meltdowns, and international intrigues….and they make enormous personal profits and increase their control of society as they manage the chaos.

These elite openly admit they intend to destroy the independence of a flourishing middle class and have managed to turn America from a proud heritage of industrious individuals and families representing the entire financial spectrum, into a country of haves and have nots. Moreover, they know how to fan the flames of envy, and use class warfare to sell communism to the useful idiots of the left who have never explored the links between the ultra powerful monopoly capitalist corporate elites and communism.

America was within a hair's breadth of being turned over to the globalist cartel by the progressive political hacks of both parties ready to destroy our national sovereignty on the alter of global government. There is no nice way to say it. Our Constitution is being destroyed by the traitors of the political class that have been our rulers for over 100 years. They are liars and traitors at the very least and must be exposed and made accountable.

President Donald J. Trump was the first populist president elected in many generations and believes in the America of our Founding Fathers. That is exactly why there is such a frenzy by the progressives and controlled media to stop him before he exposes the enormity of the treason to the American people. Join us in the independent media for an expose' of the puppet masters of the left.

MARY FANNING & ALAN JONES – Are two top national security experts and investigative journalists for The Center for Security Policy, describing in detail how the whole deep state process came together, corruption throughout the Obama and Clinton Administrations and the enormous security consequences of their actions for our nation.

Alan Jones is an investigative journalist who broke a series of national security stories at the Washington Times Communities.

Mary Fanning is an investigative journalist who covers the Middle East and national security and was the lead researcher and author of The Betrayal Papers. Mary Fanning is also the founder of the Coalition of Concerned Citizens.

Fanning and Jones have been previous guests to our Connecting the Dots broadcasts, having conducted a nearly 3-year investigation of the Port Canaveral deal and the spinoff national security consequences of that transaction.

Their latest article Obama's Surveillance Hammer on Trump Worse than Watergate can be read at: along with previous articles.

The Center for Security Policy

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