WEF/UN Agenda 21/2030 stated goals are the elimination of private property and complete control of all human activities.

Make no mistake about it, the global elite have every intention of following through with their lofty goal of forcing humanity to dance to their radical socialist agenda of unchallenged authority.

They plan to micro-manage every aspect of our lives from cradle to grave.

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Guest: E. Gaylon McCollough MD FACS, the founder and leading surgeon at the McCollough Plastic Surgery Clinic, is a distinguished figure in the field of plastic surgery. With a career spanning five decades, Dr. McCollough has not only achieved international recognition as a skilled surgeon and educator but has also authored three textbooks on facial and nasal plastic surgery and twenty-two non-medical books. America’s Most Powerful Weapon Against Our Enemies, Foreign and Domestic When Patriots Rally, Tomorrow in America: The Battle for the Souls of Our Children, A Secret Operation Exposes a Conspiracy to Deliver America into the Hands of Her Archenemy, The Illuminati The Oath

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The WEF 24 Conference in Davos exposed some cracks in their lock-step agenda, but also demonstrated their continuing commitment to completing the task of an all powerful world government by 2035.

The theme of this year's Davos confab was “Rebuilding Trust” which in real-speak means consolidating control of public perception through propagandized public media, elimination of all opposition, increasing global censorship, and criminalizing free speech as necessary to carry their “sustainable” agenda forward.

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