America was blessed as a land of almost unlimited opportunities, abundant natural resources, classically trained political thinkers and unshakable faith in God's Devine providence.

Although we had many obstacles to overcome, and encountered ideological demons of our own making along the way, the concepts of individual liberty and personal responsibility in a society living under common law was the glue that made America exceptional.  Love of family, church and ideals that allowed American exceptionalism to flourish for those willing to obey the laws, work hard, and accept responsibility for their own actions.  Were there hiccups and miscarriages of justice along the way?  Of course; as is the case wherever individuals are given control over others, but because of the uniquely American concept of three separate but equal branches of government and separation of power, good leaders were able to rein in the self serving and corrupt without uncurable damage to society.

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Guest: David Sumrall from Stop Hate – January 6 Documentary Bloody Hill
Mark Sutherland – Producing and Directing Flexcit the Movie and Between Lambs and Lions

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That all began to change in a big way at the beginning of the 20th Century. As the role of government was transformed by Progressive Socialist Presidents from protector to provider, a new administrative state emerged and blossomed.  Elected representative government and rule of law, meant to protect the rights of all under a uniform system of constitutionally codified laws was replaced with administrative rule making meant to serve only those in the highest positions of power.  A new type of imperial presidency gave rise to ever expanding tentacles of control delegated to a vast administrative state advancing the political agendas of individual presidents.  An ever growing bureaucracy of technocrats was put in place to circumvent the law making role of Congress and replace it with a fourth branch of unelected and unaccountable government controlled by the President.  Administrative rules with little or no constitutional authority replaced 95% of the power of a feckless Congress all too willing to abrogate their constitutional responsibilities to professional administrators and planners.

Federal employees now number in the millions in protected positions that earn much more than their civilian counterparts even before factoring in their cushy benefit packages and few people did a thing to stop it.  Public sector jobs at all levels now make up nearly 45% of the active American workforce……..a statistic that is truly unsustainable in a healthy free market economy. Moreover, government employees overwhelmingly support a socialist agenda and administrations.  This is the dilemma we face today in a political culture increasingly controlled by leftist Presidents like the Obama/Obiden regime.

The swamp in Washington DC is not fiction or exaggeration, it is absolute fact……and an extremely dangerous fact at that.  Many agencies throughout government have gone completely rogue and are acting in direct defiance to constitutional authority and political neutrality under the law.  In fact many federal law enforcement personnel have become weapons of war against the American people in an increasingly politicized move to subjugate and eradicate anyone opposing their globalist totalitarian schemes for cradle to grave control of humanity.  And if you think that the addition of 87,000 new IRS agents, many armed, is for the benefit of the American Middle Class, you are most assuredly as dumb as a stump and would vote for a sock puppet if told to do so.

If you think what I am saying is an exaggeration, you need look no further than the January 6 show trial farce underway in the District of Criminals or the recent FBI raids on the Trump Estate in Mara Largo. Just in case you don't see a double standard here; does RussiaGate, Hunter Biden's laptop or Hilary Clinton's private server full of classified documents ring a bell?

There are two distinctly separate sets of rules and laws for the Power Elite and those of us considered commoners and useless eaters.  Those select few in positions of power can quite literally commit murder or treason without recourse or sanction.  They are above the law, and can attack and destroy any opponent with impunity.  That was evident during the four rocky years of the Trump Presidency as he attempted to mitigate the damage caused by decades of Progressive Presidents and Cabinet appointments.  His mere presence represents a unconscionable threat to the New World Order and their genocidal plans for population reduction and mind control.

America….WAKE UP and link arms with your fellow humans before it is too late. Injustice and tyranny are inseparably linked to those who would destroy us…..even those within our own government.  They will pick us off one by one until there is no-one left to fight back.

Wake Up America

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