Following the Revolutionary War the colonies struggled with the idea of nationhood under a Federal system.  The 13 colonies wanted to remain free from a powerful national government, feeling that local control of their political culture would be much preferred to a monarch or federal overlord.  Recognizing that some form of confederation would be necessary to form a nation, the colonies adopted the Articles of Confederation to deal with cross border squabbles between colonies (states), to provide for the general defense, and to set standards for international trade and tax generating trade tariffs.  It was not long before it became clear that this loose confederation of states would not be enough to hold the country together, and a convention of the several states was called in 1787 to refine and otherwise define the roles of state and national government.  From this event sprang the Constitutional Convention and the document that has held this country together for the past 230 years.

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Guest: G.R. Mobley – (full bio at bottom of post)
Retired Marine who has worked and served in the Intelligence 

The Founding Fathers knew that the national government must be strong enough to stop the squabbling between states that was destroying the fledgling nation, while providing a strong guiding hand that recognized individual rights and freedoms as the highest priority.  They also knew that most of the newly chartered states jealously protected their own power, leaving little room for expanded federal powers.  They met in the summer of 1787 with most states wanting little more than minor necessary negotiated adjustments to the Articles of Confederation.  Little did they know that they were about to craft the most unique document in world history, a constitution with limited and defined powers and responsibilities assigned to a government of, by and for the people it was meant to serve.  Never before in world history had government been structured to serve the people, heretofore the people were there to serve the government and the monarchs that ruled over everyone.

Something even more unique was built into this American constitutional system; the concept of unalienable (God given) rights was at the center of this new form of limited government and it held that God, not man, granted the rights to life, liberty, and property to all.

The seperation of powers and the well defined roles of the Legislative, Administrative and Judicial branches was meant to limit the powers of each branch of Federal government, and guaranteed a constitutional republican form of government to each state who would rightly hold the majority of governmental power.

In the ensuing 230 years, the original intent of our U.S. Constitution has been twisted and redefined in so many ways that much of our constitutional framework has become irrelevant. Although many elected officials claim to uphold the Constitution and Bill of Rights as is required as a sacred sworn oath upon assuming office, few have read the Constitution or vaguely understand the importance of that oath.

The United States of America has strayed far from the Founder's vision of a self limiting government, of, by and for the people.  Our Federal government has become nothing short of a out of control leviathan sucking the blood out of the shrinking middle class as it steals then redistributes the wealth of the productive to the unproductive.

Some call for a Convention of the States to fix the problems with the Constitution, not understanding or wanting to admit that the problems are not with the Constitution, but those who we elect to lead our nation.  We need educated voters who understand the importance of electing responsible representatives, and responsible representatives that take their role and responsibility seriously.  Sadly, at this point we have neither.

It is time to stop the destruction of our sacred institutions, and there is no better place to start than a deep and effectual study of the original intent of our founding documents including the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.  The responsibility to return to truly representative government rests with us.

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This Weeks Guest Profile(s)

G.R. Mobley –
is a Retired Marine who has worked and served in the Intelligence Community,
either as a discipline leader or an engineering leader for over 35 years. With a passion for history and government, he has been a life-long self-educator and student of our founding documents. He has committed much of his life to public service and leadership in one form or another and hosts a national radio show on “Red State Talk Radio” and a local radio show on Spokane’s KSBN AM1230 radio and both shows are called “Reclaiming the Republic.” G. R. has turned his analytical training, focus, and insight into scouring historical references and source documents of the birth of the Republic, to bring to light relevant information regarding our hybrid Constitutional Republic that has been obfuscated by nationalist and the secular progressives for the past two centuries and has identified that the necessary power has always resided with the sovereign’s (i.e. States and the People) to save our Constitution. His writings and his message will convince reasonable people that the Constitution and the Republic can be saved if the States will only assert their authority within the Republic. This desire and intent is to restore America to its’ greatness, must be based upon natural law and the principles that the framers relied upon in the founding of this nation before it is too late. G. R. Mobley points out the ONLY way we will be able to succeed in doing this is by following the standard the framers set by putting aside our differences and self-interests and focus on the same objectives.

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