Guest: Aman Jabbi

Aman Jabbi on Connecting the Dots RadioAman Jabbi – With a high-technology career spanning over 25 years, Aman Jabbi was at the forefront of video and camera technology in Silicon Valley. He has co-founded two video camera technology startups. If you have a camera in your phone, stream video or movies, he played a part in it.

Aman has a BS in Electrical & Electronics Engineering and MS in Chemistry from BITS in India, an MS in Electrical Engineering from Penn State University and studied Computer Science at Stanford University.  He is an avid photographer and a private pilot.

Several years ago, he escaped the high pressure Silicon Valley advanced technology environment and became a watchman on the wall for freedom loving Americans concerned about the loss of privacy and the rapidly expanding police state powers of the rapidly emerging global surveillance society.

As a lover of liberty, Aman arrived in the US in 1988 in search of a free society and now resides in Bigfork, Montana.