Guest: George Webb

George Webb –  is a software engineer turned citizen journalist who decided to cover corruption of the DNC in Washington, DC since the 2016 Presidential Election. George Webb's dogged investigation of the DNC email hoax included running down every lead with the FBI repeatedly luring their illegal emails to the Trump Campaign.
Webb published daily reports of his investigations over the last four years which resulted in his channel of 105,000 subscribers being deleted in June of 2020. George Webb bounced back after the YouTube setback, writing three #1 bestselling books on Amazon since the deletion of his YouTube channel. George Webb is an American original, and he is happy to share his story to inspire other patriots.
Webb is responsible for the creation of Neighborhood News Studio to combat the Mainstream Media, by providing a platform for citizen journalists to connect to an online community of patriots on the ground level. Webb believes that the truth needs citizen journalism to defy the establishment quo and Neighborhood News Studio creates an open atmosphere free from oppression for those individuals that refuse to submit to being silenced.