Guest: Jeff Wright

Jeff WrightJeff Wright – is a former Cryptologic Tech-analyst, Systems Engineer for NSG/NSA, Engineering Manager at Air Force Space Command, Senior and Chief Consulting Engineer for Bell Labs, Holmdel, NJ.

He designed and built large-scale, classified and commercial network systems for the Defense, Securities, Commercial/Industrial, and Banking/Finance industries for nearly 3 decades.  Jeff studied or practiced political science, international law and fundamental political processes, in-depth, for the past 35 years.

For 20 years he's been deeply and actively engaged in Colorado politics beginning with passage of the Tabor Amendment in 1992.  He was co-author on numerous state constitutional initiated amendments and legislative initiatives, a director, coordinator or manager of several political campaigns, and has been appointed to many booards and committees at the city county and state level.  He was also hired in the position of State Field Director for Ron Paul's 2008 PCC for CO, NM and Wy.

Today, with the book promotional tour he travels throughout the western states providing briefings and educational materials on governance and economics to audiences interested in understanding and changing the course we are currently following.