Guest: John B. Hewlett

John B. HewlettJohn B. Hewlett – is the founder and formulator of Cardio Miracle, a world class leader in nitric oxide and vitamin D3 supplement.  John spent 35 years as a business and financial consulting, raising over a billion dollars for charitable and political causes.  The past 13 years he has become one of the foremost authorities on alternative and integrative health therapies for cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases.  He has consulted and spoken with the preeminent experts in nitric oxide delivery and benefits.

This past year his interviews on world premier documentaries, “Supplements Revealed”, and “The Answer to Cancer” were seen and enthusiastically received by hundreds of thousands of viewers world wide.

John is a founding member advisory council member of G Edward Griffin's “Freedom Force”, and has personally funded and sponsored the Health Liberty Alliance, and other patriotic events and gatherings.

He is committed to individual health liberty, and Constitutional freedoms and principles.

He lives in the mountains of Utah with his wife Janet, and is the father of 9 blended family children, and 17 grandchildren.

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