Guest: Rick Jore

Rick JoreRich Jore is a Rancher and Businessman from Ronan Montana that served for 4 terms in the Montana Legislature as Montana's only declared Constitutional Candidate, served his district with distinction and was known as the Constitutional Statesman in the Montana Legislature.  Although Rick was very determined to honor his oath of office to support, protect and defend the U.S. and Montana Constitutions, he was well liked and respected by both sides of the aisle and earned a well deserved reputation as a gentleman and true Statesman.  He refused to compromise or trade votes on legislation and everyone knew where Rick stood on every vote and piece of legislation; does it pass the litmus test of constitutionality?

Recently he announced his candidacy for the Montana Legislature, representing District 15, but refused to list his political party affiliation because it had no rational purpose or legal basis.  The Secretary of State, Cory Stapleton, refused to allow him on the ballot unless he declared himself as Republican, Democrat or Independent.  He refused to declare party affiliation and was blocked from running despite a flawless record of falithful service to his district and the state.

He is the primary private hatchery of Western Cutthroat Trout in Montana and travels throughout the State restocking private and public fisheries with the designated state fish.