It is statistically impossible to explain how little the 2022 mid-term election followed the historical precedents set by earlier elections.

Although major election reforms were requested by a majority of Americans after the 2020 General Election fiasco, none of the progressive Marxist Democrats and establishment RINOs were about to upset an apple cart that virtually guaranteed that they could maintain power and move us inexorably into their globalist control grid police state system of unlimited governance.

In fact, once the Democrats and their weak kneed RINO toadys were firmly in control, the system was made even less secure from election fraud by legislative and executive fiat.

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Jeremy Brown (U.S. Green Beret Master Sergeant (Ret.) is a twenty year combat veteran who spent his entire career within the U.S. military's elite special forces community and who is currently incarcerated while facing January 6 related charges.

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Wonder of wonders; the 2022 mid-term election didn't result in the red tsunami that just about everyone including the downstream Marxist media predicted would happen under the leadership of the most inept President since Jimmy Carter.

Although there are a significant number of incorrigibles so steeped in leftist ideology that they would vote for a turd if it had social Democrat or RINO stamped on it, most thinking Americans now understand that we are being led down a very dangerous anti-American path by fools and traitors that hate the great republic that most true Americans hold dear and strive to preserve.

Furthermore; although most Americans do not trust the CCP funded downstream media, enough still follow their tripe to have quite an impact on election outcomes.  Couple that dynamic with a well entrenched multi-generational Marxist academia indoctrinating our youth and fascistic big tech oligarchs openly funding globalist programs and you have the perfect pipeline for pre-engineered election outcomes.

By turning the Jan. 6, 2021 election integrity rally at the Capitol into a propaganda campaign to demonize anyone demanding a return to fair and open elections, the true purveyors of stolen elections managed to conceal their very slimy tracks by morphing their involvement into a transmuted version of the actual Jan. 6 event.

Badly compromised Federal Law Enforcement, Justice Department and national security agencies became accomplices to the injustice by incarcerating over 800 January 6th participants and labeling anyone that speaks out about the injustice as “election deniers” or “domestic terrorists”.

Meanwhile, many of the cognitively challenged American sheeple closed their lying eyes and ears to the reality of our constitutional republic being read it's last rites by selected/appointed Marxist controllers.

Individual citizens banded together to try and salvage a badly compromised mail-in ballot verification process, not understanding the many trapdoors built into a system intentionally designed to avoid detection of fraud.  All attempts by concerned citizens to stop illegal ballot harvesting and to monitor centralized computer tabulation were stonewalled and labeled as “enemies of democracy” by the “saviors of democracy” controlling the narrative.

The age old trick by con men, communists, and progressive socialists alike, of blaming the innocent of the crimes they are actually committing themselves, seems to be working extremely well.  Democrats that professed concern for computer fraud impacting open and fair elections after the Trump win in 2016, have turned an about face and jealously guard the tools that manipulate the results of every election.  They have turned a blind eye to the thousands of eye witness accounts of voter fraud from all over America, labeling the frustrated whistle blowers as conspiracy theorists, racists and political extremists.

Although we have lost far too many battles in the information war, Americans of all colors, faiths & political persuasions are beginning to understand the goals of the enemies of freedom and are resisting the wholesale destruction of our way of life.

Consequently, the enemies of America have ratcheted up their attacks on our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms to a level where even those intentionally ignorant souls that choose unlimited complacency are forced to face reality.

The re-education camps and elimination of dissent that was a central feature of communist regimes is now openly touted as a means of dealing with the “Trump – MAGA problem”. (see below)



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