…are humans just another predatory animal species?

Since Charles Darwin, popular progressive scientists  have held that humans are no more important than any other animal species, and that although capable of remarkable intelligence, have no real claim to supremacy over the rest of the animal kingdom.  In fact, with the advent of the radical animal rights movement in America, humans are held to be less important than most animal species, and are increasingly losing our rights to property and liberty in the name of saving the rest of the animal kingdom.

Tonight's program will expose the radical thinking that has propelled the animal rights movement into the camp of Eugenicists Sir Francis Galton and Margaret Sanger, and why we must expose the agenda of the radical progressives that are behind much of the modern animal rights movement.  We will discuss the connections between tax exempt foundation money, animal rights groups worldwide, and UN Agenda 21 policies that will re-wild America and create human kennels known as mega-cities; surrounded by pristine wilderness and off-limits to most humans.

Mindy Patterson is the president and co-founder of The Cavalry Group LLC, a national leader in protecting and defending the Constitutional and private property rights of law abiding animal owners and animal-related businesses legally and legislatively nationwide.

Working with national animal groups, animal agriculture interests, outdoor sportsmen, and animal related businesses, Mindy leads the charge in defending against the onslaught of anti-private property and anti-agriculture animal rights activism in addition to challenging the infiltration of animal rights activism in government at the local, state and federal levels.

Her firm, The Cavalry Group, is engaged on multiple fronts protecting animal enterprise, including the deterring of illegal search and seizure of private property and ensuring due process as outlined in the United States Constitution, challenging the Humane Society of the United States' (HSUS) efforts to abuse the state referendum process, and working with our public policy advisors at the federal level to ensure that The Cavalry Group's members' interests are protected and served in Congress.

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Tuesday's 9:00am Mtn/11:00am Est.

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