The commonly used definition of parasite is: 1. “an organism that lives in or on an organism of another species (it's host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the other's expense; hanger on, leech, bloodsucker, drone, sponge, scrounger or freeloader.  Parasites exist in a huge variety including animal, plant and microorganisms.

They might be ectoparasites on the surface of the host in the form of ticks, mites, or fleas or endoparasites living in the tissue or gut of the host (various forms of worms) and can often live for long periods before eventually weakening, damaging or even killing the host if left unchecked.

2. a person who habitually relies on or exploits others and gives little or nothing in return. A mooch or person who learned to live at someone elses expense through coercion or manipulation.”

It looks like time for a great reset; the question is who will lead: parasite or host?

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Guest: Dr. Lee MerritThe Medical Rebel

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Parasites in nature rarely destroy the host while human parasites of the Marxist and globalist variety often intend to kill the host after stealing every calorie of productive energy, wealth and labor while becoming fat, arrogant, greedy and lazy at the expense of the industrious hosts.  Natural parasites intuitively know that the host must be kept alive for their survival, while human parasites often feel morally or intellectually superior to their hosts and frequently plan their destruction.

Human parasites thrive at the very highest echelons of power and accumulate enormous wealth by stealth and guile. The international banking system is certainly a case in point with the unlimited creation of money from nothing that steals the assets and labor of the working people through imposed interest and the shackles of perpetual debt.

These global elite parasites have learned to harness the baser instincts of low self esteem parasites within our ranks who lack the means, education or initiative to become productive members of society, but wish to live well despite these shortcomings, and are receptive to promises of support by trading freedom and a sense of purpose for utopian promises of something for nothing.

Since the uber rich own the political class they pay few or no taxes, but are able to fund their socialist programs by stealing from the productive Middle Class within free market societies.

In other words, the very powerful parasites have learned to manipulate the very weak parasites to effect change that will destroy freedom for all.  In the end, all must work at imposed labor or die at the behest of a very powerful few who will control everything and live in perpetual bliss by confiscating the labor and wealth of others; aka “you will own nothing and be happy”.  This is a great plan as long as you belong to the Uber Rich “one percent” crowd that have made the rules for how the game is played.

History is replete with examples of powerful parasites that make the rules for the hosts who are summarily bled to death by their acquiescence and cognitive dissonance.

The only things that have changed over time are the levels of technological/biological innovation and the willingness of increasingly well educated individuals to jump on the self-destruct little red bandwagon of collectivism.

The smarter we think we are; the sillier, more vain, and less aware we become. The parasitic ruling class have bought media, academia, and the Quisling political class who lead, influence, educate and manipulate society to function within limits set by their parasitic masters.

And, God forbid that you have the audacity to point out that the Emperor has no cloths! You will be labeled as a denier of some kind or a conspiracy theorist for even mentioning that someone or something might be amiss.

Meanwhile the world marches lock-step toward human extinction as the parasitic elite plan the next round of plandemic die-off and ultimate conversion of our species to programmable trans-human cyborgs. Their goal? Complete control and eventual elimination of the original, divinely created, host species.

Meanwhile, most Americans wring their hands and scream “there is nothing I can do” as their masters herd them off the cliff. Where did they learn that there is nothing to do but follow the herd? Why…. they heard it on mainstream television of course, and we know the “talking heads” would never lie or be self serving to promote financial or political self interest.

One might think that all that expensive education and feigned social consciousness might give way at some point to a natural instinct for self preservation.  One might think that common sense might win out over media hype and unabated fear mongering, but common sense no longer seems to be a sought after commodity in the “Brave New World” of 2023. It looks like time for a great reset; the question is who will lead: parasite or host?


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