Illegal immigration provides cover for drug trafficking, money laundering, depopulation, rampant terrorism and forced inoculation.

Everything that happens in 21st Century America seems to boil down to the same thing; unbridled greed and the desire to control people.  We have open borders because our corrupt political class benefits in multiple ways from open borders.

The Democrats are able to accelerate their Cloward and Piven strategy to overwhelm the free market system with increased spending on welfare programs & public assistance, while the establishment Republicans line the pockets of their crony capitalist friends with cheap labor and a compliant illegal workforce.

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Guest: Juliette Engel, MD – In her remarkable book, SPARKY: Surviving Sex Magick, Dr. Juliette Engel tells her own story of her life as a girl-child born into a family of intelligence operatives.  In 1955 at the age of six, she was sold by her father into the CIA's secret Monarch MK Ultra program.

Guest: Christie Hutcherson is the Founder/Leading Spokesperson of Women Fighting For America, an organization promoting the role of women in American constitutional government.  Christie is also CEO/Founder of Global Engine Solutions, a woman-owned business which supports strategic DOD initiatives supporting American national sovereignty.

Both parties play the game for different reasons, but both profit at the expense of the American taxpayer and the human victims used as pawns in this international criminal conspiracy.  In the process thousands of terrorists in sleeper cells and Latino gang members trafficking drugs and people are imbedding themselves in civil society across America.

This morning my wife read me a local news article about a major drug bust in Butte, Montana where 22 were arrested for trafficking fentanyl and methamphetamines for a criminal cartel from Mexico.  Over 100,000 Americans are now dying every year from fentanyl overdoses and very little is being reported by the downstream media.  That is nearly double the number of Americans killed during the entire 12 year Vietnam war, yet it doesn't seem to matter enough to do anything to stop it.  The fact that most of the fentanyl is being produced in communist China and trafficked through the criminal cartels in Mexico should be front page news across America every single day!

Instead our lives are filled with never ending warnings about Covid 19 and how everyone must be fully vaccinated and boosted to keep the whole nation from imploding from a disease about as deadly as the common flu.  Obviously the political class see us as mushrooms; to be fed copious amounts of bullshit and kept completely in the dark until time for harvest.  I for one am tired of being a pawn of the political class and am ready to fight back.

Yes, America is a land of immigrants.  Our strength was in our diversity; not the convoluted social progressive diversity touted by leftist revolutionaries like Obama, Harris and Obiden, but the diversity of individuals willing to risk everything for the right to succeed by the sweat of their brow in a land of equal opportunity (not equal outcomes) for all.

Our forefathers wanted to be Americans because of the opportunity and freedom that only America afforded.  They came here to be true Americans, not hyphenated Americans.  They understood that success or failure would be on them; not because of counter-productive social programs to provide everything to them at someone elses expense.  Success would be from their hard work, personal sacrifice, and desire to succeed.  That is a concept that limousine liberals and Marxist ideologues can't even fathom, much less accept.  To them, immigrants are tools to further their political ambitions and use as bargaining chips for future favors and personal financial gain.

That is exactly why and how the International Power Elite are using unlimited immigration to destroy national sovereignty and move the whole world into their socialist/Marxist/feudalist New World Order.  With the willing assistance of progessive lap dogs and the other politically correct useful idiots that prefer to think with their heart instead of their brain, immigration has become the bane of humanity and an important tool for Globalist progressives.

Who are the real losers in this Power Elite chess game?  Just about everyone except the guys at the top pulling the strings and making big money off everybody's misery.  Taxpayers are getting hosed with out of control social spending that puts the cost of illegal immigration at well over 200 billion dollars per year.  Women and children are being trafficked and sold into prostitution/slavery in the tens of thousands every year, while over 20% of all felons in federal prisons are now illegals.  Entire small communities like Butte, Montana and all major cities are being overwhelmed by gangs, drugs, crime and the sheer numbers illegals requiring social and medical services.  Many of those who came to America legally are questioning why they didn't just walk across the Mexican/U.S. border and sign up for all the free goodies that the progressives promise.

If America is to ever again be great, it will be from the quality of our people and their willingness to work hard and sacrifice for those yet unborn.  True moral character is built on a foundation of sacrifice and selflessness that progressives neither possess or understand.

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