Why are WEF bigwigs and UN planners now openly bragging about the many benefits of using vaccine mandates to implement their AI / transhuman agenda to modify human behavior, DNA, and connect everyone to the internet cloud?

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Join Dr. Carrie Madej, G. Edward Griffin and Dan Happel live in Salt Lake City Utah.  Nov. 11-12  www.TheRedPillExpo.com

Guest: Dr Madej made her mark in when she put out her video “Human 2.0″ in August 2020, which went viral on social media. It was a warning regarding the new vaccine technology and their connections with transhumanism.
Guest: Kate Allison Shemirani is an outspoken critic of the widely used/forced government mandates promoting the largely untested experimental drugs making up the Covid-19 “vaccine” program. She has been a frequent guest of Connecting the Dots and many other well known alternative media platforms.
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Although the Covid- 19 plandemic is dropping off radar screens as an important issue for the media/government indoctrinated American public, the far reaching consequences of the somewhat successful effort to inoculate the entire human race with untested and heretofore unknown technologies are only now starting to get serious discussion.  Why were well tested, widely known, inexpensive, and effective drugs like hydroxycloroquine and ivermectin demonized and excluded as a treatment by virtually the entire medical establishment?  Might it be that the misrepresented experimental “vaccines” produced by Pfizer, Moderna, J&J and others could only be approved for emergency use if no other effective medications were available?

What substances are in these Covid-19 inoculations that are so secretive that we are not allowed to even question their efficacy without facing serious retribution from our own government and big tech censors?

Why are they being recommended for all children as young as 6 months old when the chances of dying from the actual disease is practically zero for anyone under 20 years old?

Why are WEF bigwigs and UN planners now openly bragging about the many benefits of using vaccine mandates to implement their AI/ transhuman agenda to modify human behavior, DNA, and connect everyone to the internet cloud?

And finally, why aren't more people aware and extremely alarmed that this grand scale human genome experiment by Big Pharma is actually being sponsored by our own government and paid by the taxpayers?

As the saying goes, “you really couldn't make anything this ridiculous up”, but here we are……as billions fall in line like sheep for their 2nd, 3rd, and even 4th Covid-19 booster. Meanwhile, adverse events, deaths and permanent disabilities for those receiving the jab are accelerating at an alarming rate…

The CDC, WHO, Big Pharma and downstream media are either totally silent or grossly underreporting these vaccine related events……meanwhile the actual numbers grow exponentially.  Heretofore, deaths in the single or low double digits attributed to a new vaccine would end in immediate suspension of its use.  However, Covid-19 vaccines are being given virtual carte blanche despite thousands (many say millions) of reported deaths and disabilities.  Surely there must be a rational explanation for this double standard, but thus far nothing logical has been forthcoming.

The covid plandemic and the government mandated cures are finally receiving the scrutiny required of legitimate science.

I have spent the last 20+ years exposing the evils of the sustainability movement and UN Agenda 21 (more recently called Agenda 2030).  Although one of the key tenets of the entire environmental movement has always been to blame humankind for every minor climate deviation including natural changes; few understand the human consequences of those radical beliefs.

Human consequences like the elimination of populations in excess of the one billion “sustainable” population arbitrarily assigned by the “enlightened ones” at the top of the environmental movement.  And yes, eugenicists like Margaret Sanger have always been key players within the green movement.  Why?  Because most are Marxists, atheists, anti-humanists and totalitarians at their core; seeing mankind as a cancer on the planet that can only be cured by extermination, except of course for the “enlightened” insiders promoting this radical agenda.

Although the entire green movement was sold to Americans and the world as completely voluntary and benign, nothing could possibly be further from the truth.  Trillions of dollars and billions of man hours were spent “fundamentally transforming” America and the world away from free markets and individualism toward communist/ Marxist/collectivist control of every facet of our lives.  This was done through our education system, corporate media, business, and government. Our world has been fundamentally transformed by those with the money and determination to manipulate, control, and eventually cull humanity.

Many of us believe that staged pandemics and bogus vaccines are very much a part of this plan to reduce population and control human behavior.  Vaccines can include sterilization/anti-fertility agents and pathogens to affect the health of each recipient, but more importantly may include gene therapy, nano technologies and graphene oxide to make resistence to their plans less likely as transhumanism becomes reality.

The Covid-19 “vaccines” were shrouded in secrecy and avoided the standard 13-17 year vaccine testing regimen requiring lengthy animal and human trials.  This was accomplished on the pretense of extreme need/emergency Presidential authorization.  Heretofore unknown experimental mRNA gene therapy technology utilizing DARPA developed hydrogel, nano technology, and graphene oxide were never before recognized as legitimate vaccine ingredients.

Common sense and the Hippocratic Oath were swept aside in a frenzy to be compliant with medical experts, many whom had never actually practiced medicine or had any scientific credentials.  The more we learn, the more we realize that the Covid-19 plandemic was never about the disease, it was about getting every living human on the planet inoculated.

WHY?  When you learn the truth you will be horrified and very, very angry.  Welcome to the Agenda 2030 world of AI, mind control and transhumanism where man is God and the God of Creation is irrelevant .  God save us all from these evil demons!!

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