In 2020 well known and much respected Filmmaker/Director Mikki Willis decided to take on a new project; to investigate the facts behind the Covid-19 plandemic that was knee capping the U.S. economy and making normal life impossible worldwide.  What he discovered during his investigation was extremely alarming; changing his professional life in ways that he could never have foresee.

The first installment of PLANDEMIC, a 26 minute documentary featuring celebrated virologist Judy Mikovits, has been seen by over one billion people worldwide, setting a historic record.  The premiere of PLANDEMIC 2 (aka INDOCTORNATION) featuring white collar crime investigator, Dr. David Martin, also set a world record with 2 million viewers attending the global livestream.

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Guest: Mikki Willis – an American Filmaker, entrepreneur and
Director of ‘Plandemic: Indoctornation'.

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The two part series was declared “debunked” by pro-vaccine critics all over the world.  In the name of science and public safety, the gatekeepers of free speech took unprecedented measures to censor the information they called “dangerous conspiracy theories.”

When Dr. Mikovits made the bold claim that COVID-19 was manipulated in a lab, she was smeared as “crazy.”  When Dr. Martin exposed the patents and paper trail proving that Dr. Fauci was funding dangerous gain of function research at the Wuhan Lab, critics laughed.  Today, the critics are no longer laughing, but they are still denying.

Through accredited scientific studies, every major claim made within the PLANDEMIC series has been validated as accurate.  PLANDEMIC is now being acknowledged for being among the first to warn the world of the agenda to reduce the liberties of citizens through medical tyranny.  Though we had no intention of receiving awards for this series, he is honored to have won the European Independent Film Award for Best Documentary, as it displays an encouraging shift in public awareness and courage.

However, dealing with the establishment media has been a difficult challenge because of their enormous influence on public perception.  Despite irrefutable evidence and seamlessly documented proof of the international conspiracy to create this man-made virus, the mainstream media and much of the Medical Establishment have attempted to denounce this important work as utter rubbish.

Despite their inability to challenge the facts presented during these films, Big Pharma and the Medical Establishment have convinced much of America and Europe that these vaccines are completely safe and that anyone contesting their efficacy is a tin-foil-hat conspiracy theorist that should be ignored or worse.  Some are even calling for prison sentences and huge fines for anyone challenging the pro-vaccine narrative promoted by those who have the most to gain; both financially and politically.  Social Media and Big Pharma are working hand in hand with their political lackeys in the Washington District of Criminals to silence anyone questioning their authority.

Irrational fear has become the order of the day, and the establishment media has worked overtime to spread the psychological terror of a pandemic to convince the world that every living soul on the planet needs to take the jab… refuse is deemed as societally irresponsible, despite ample evidence that the long term effects of these untested vaccines may be much more dangerous than the virus itself.

The Covid-19 plandemic is not about the virus, it's about the injections; if you refuse, they intend on forcing you to submit, using any and all means to force their will upon society.  Although Americans have a constitutional right to refuse any vaccine they deem unsafe, public pressure and an unprecedented propaganda campaign paid for by Big Pharma, Communist China, and taxpayer dollars is being campaigned worldwide……especially in the U.S.

What is Covid 19, how was it created, who funded the “gain of function” research that allowed this variant to jump from animal to human species, and what is the motivation behind the lockstep calls for blind obedience to governmental lockdown and vaccine mandates; mandates that seem to demand complete and total obedience to the all seeing and all knowing federal/international totalitarian leviathan?

Are we being herded like sheep into the “new world order” of lockstep obedience, radical environmentalism, Marxism, technocracy and anti-humanism envisioned by a a small group of powerful men that have assumed the right to control humanity and to eliminate through any means at their disposal those who oppose their distopian plan to reduce the human population to fewer that 1 billion people.

Join us for a free screening of the movie Indoctornation, listen to the live interview with Director Mikki Willis, then decide for yourself if these vaccines are as safe and effective as advertised by their manufacturers.

Free mend and women have the “right to choose” what is injected into our bodies and must learn to refuse to comply with illegal mandates.

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