Tuesday’s program will be another look at Deep State politics,  the “fundamental transformation of America”, and the forces behind the push for socialist/Marxist global government.  Our guest will be Chuck Floyd, a national security expert who is currently working with the Trump Administration on the design/project management of the border wall and hear his first person experience dealing with the “Deep State” political forces at work within our government.  Chuck Floyd has testified many times before Congress on national security matters and was in charge of US State Department Embassy Security program during the George W. Bush Administration.

We will continue to take a close look at the Deep State actors at the center of this “fundamental transformation” of America, a transformation  from a free market, constitutional republic to a global system of total control from cradle to grave.  Hear from a national security insider how America in the 21st Century is facing a political reality that has been hard at work attacking traditional American institutions from within, all the while pretending that communism died with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Union. Communism is stronger today in America than at any time in history and now permeates every agency and aspect of the Washington D.C. swamp. Communist China is America’s largest trading partner and controls a very large and growing percentage of our enormous national debt.  President Trump ran and won on a platform of “America First” and a reaffirmation of national sovereignty. This promises to upset the globalist apple cart and has led to the viscous and unrelenting attacks against the Trump Administration and those of us who believe in American exceptionalism. Hear from a very informed national security insider about the globalist war against the humanity known as The New World Order and the challenges facing President Trump and average Americans.

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