The markets tell no lies, but bankers do!

Tonight we will be talking with finance and bond expert Robert Fanning, and will be discussing the sovereign debt markets and the bond rates that indicate the health of international banking.  It appears that the bond markets have re-discovered that the Emperor has no clothes, and the enormous international debt bubble is showing signs of bursting.  This time it will be much more than a bang………….it will be a kaboom.

The era of too-big-to-fail is coming to a very bloody and nasty conclusion, and it is time for our listeners to really understand the enormity of the sovereign debt situation.  To think that all of these circumstances are coincidental is to ignore that only the banksters got bailed out in the economic crisis of 2008-2009, and this time they plan to own and control it all.  Hard working and thrifty Americans will, once again, be left holding the bag.

Please join us for this very frightening, but enlightening look down the rabbit hole called international banking and finance.

Robert FanningRobert Fanning

Principal — Chief Restructuring Officer — Consultant

By popular demand, Bob Fanning will be returning to the subject of stocks, bonds, futures markets, derivatives and the manipulation of financial markets to the advantage of a few.

Bob will explain how markets work and how smart traders make money even when the markets are in a state of collapse.  This is especially important today when investments in real estate, stock and bond markets are returning to the frothy levels that preceded the economic collapse of 2008-2009.

Are we ready for the economic reality of a brave new world where massive wealth transfers and the destruction of the American Middle-Class becomes a distinct possibility.

Robert ran for Governor of Montana in 2012 on a platform of fiscal restraint, money backed by precious metals, and protection of wildlife and livestock against federal introduction of Canadian wolves to the Yellowstone area. Robert has been a member of the Chicago Board of Trade and a Registered Representative of the New York Stock Exchange / Commodity-Futures Commission.

His theme is: Standing against two-legged Multifaceted leader with extensive hands-on experience in engineering, manufacturing, global sales and negotiation, and finance. Proven ability to embrace complex issues, articulate problems, and find correct solutions quickly by leveraging any necessary forces.  Able to assemble highly effective talent, pull disparate individuals together for common good, instill confidence and inspire team dedication to the objectives.  Innovative, with a reputation for fierce loyalty, integrity, honor and intelligence. Tremendous energy, dogged determination, pioneering spirit.

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