Free speech is such an important part of America that most people never considered the possibility that fundamental right might go away……..
………until recently.

Over the past several decades we have lost many of our 1st Amendment rights to speak freely and openly express our discontent with corrupt politicians and globalist plans to remake American society within their Marxist template.

Censorship and total control of humanity is nearly complete. We are nearing the time of irreversibility.  Will we react in time?

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Guest: Documentary Film Producer/Director James Jaeger
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Guest: Independent Researcher/Writer Mary Fanning who have spent decades exposing this takeover through documentary films and written expose's.

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The horrors of 9/11/2001 were just the Pearl Harbor type of event that was needed to pass the ironically named 2001 Patriot Act into law.  It created an all encompassing surveillance state under the guise of national security.  It all but eliminated many constitutional privacy guarantees, and opened the door to further losses of 1st, 4th and 5th Amendment rights through police state type threats and intimidation that were heretofore unknown to freedom loving Americans.

The “war on terror” conditioned us all into a permanent sense of fear that was amplified by corrupt politicians and the controlled media to replace our need for privacy and personal liberty with a need for safety.

The Covid 19 plandemic accelerated the fear/control dynamic to such an extent that well over half of Americans became compliant sheeple willing to follow the most absurd government mandates regardless their scientific or medical merit.  Constitutionalists, patriots, Christian conservatives, and anyone with pride in being an independent American became the new enemy of the people according to the politically correct Marxists occupying the DC Swamp, academia, and the mockingbird media.

Political correctness took over the college campuses, conditioning K-12 educators as well as the public at large to the notion that free speech should only be free if it agrees with certain progressive standards.  Free speech zones, and other absurdities very quickly became the norm, and new rules of conduct created a new form of self imposed social censorship that would have been inconceivable thirty years earlier.

And if the globalist/progressive Bush family in the White House wasn't bad enough, the Clintons, Obamas and Obidens put the frosting on the cake with their openly Marxist policies and unbridled collusion with America's greatest enemies.  Not only did they “fundamentally transform America” with their new age radicalism, they built a bureaucracy within the Administrative Branch that guaranteed that their Marxist policies were intractable for non compliant Presidents.  Bought and paid for by the world's Power Elite that sit quietly behind the scenes manipulating their useful idiots in high office, America has been transitioning away from an independent nation under God to a nondescript single spoke in a Marxist/technocratic feudalist “world order” owned and controlled by a very powerful few.

Part and parcel to this transition plan to world government is the end of all individual rights, including the rights to think and express your ideas through free speech and free media.  The mainstream media is and has been controlled by the Power Elite for a very long time.  It is no accident that the mockingbird media all sound like they are reading off the same script……….because they are.  Our educators are doing the same thing; groupthink and collectivism has taken over public education.  Classical liberal education is long gone; replacing deductive reasoning, math, science, and real history with emotional learning based on socially acceptable standards promulgated by the progressive left.

Individualism, an idea as central to American exceptionalism as Mom and apple pie, is looked down upon by the left as selfishness.  Free market capitalism has been replaced by corporate fascism and cronyism that rewards the few at the expense of the many.  Small business has been under long term attack through the regulatory state, even before the Covid lockdowns that bankrupted 40% of American small businesses.  By eliminating the lion's share of independent American jobs (up to 80%), government will wrest the last vestiges of free choice away from the working class and replace independence with a guaranteed minimum income provided by the government and paid for by taxpayers.

Our economy has been intentionally trashed as a step in the globalist vision of a cashless, totally digital society, living under a social credit system envisioned to totally control people. This system was created by the American software giant Google for the communist dictator of China.
Although most Central Banks around the world are technically insolvent, cash has always given a level of privacy to personal transactions that will disappear with a cashless digital economy.  Every single transaction will be monitored, and if you don't kowtow to the state, you may not be able to survive.
This will be the ultimate control weapon against humanity.
On this podcast, meet Documentary Film Producer/Director James Jaeger and Independent Researcher/Writer Mary Fanning who have spent decades exposing this takeover through documentary films and written expose's. Jaeger will talk about his latest documentary film project, and Fanning will talk about her work as a researcher/producer with Mike Lindell on his heavily censored films that were viewed by hundreds of millions before they were taken down by the social media giants.
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