The enemies of America have attacked our basic institutions, and in the process, our national character.

When analyzing the wholesale destruction of our nation by forces of global fascism, progressive socialism and international communism, we need only to ask: are we losing the battle for our republic because our cause is not just, or because we no longer have sufficient moral character as a nation to fight evil?

Guest: John Moore (The Liberty Man)

Although we have had some hiccups along the way and are by no means perfect, no system of government has ever provided more individual liberty and opportunity to succeed than has the American republic.

Historically, if we failed to meet the highest standards, it was always because we suffered from individual leadership failings and not from a lack of national ideals.

Although the past 3 decades have damaged us immeasurably, we have the ability to stop our own death by 1,000 cuts if we come together as a united people and re-establish our goodness.

Cowardice in the face of adversity is not what made America prosper over the past 235 years, any more than moral weakness begets national strength.

Our nation is truly a reflection of the character of her people.  People of poor character cannot sustain a good nation, and conversely, a nation filled with people of good chacter will be impossible to defeat.

Communist Dictator Joseph Stalin said ” America is like a healthy body and it's resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within”.

The destruction of America was started a long time ago by external actors like Stalin who knew we could only be defeated if or when we surrender our national character.

Attacking our national character started with the destruction of the family unit and 2 parent households.

Lyndon Johnson's Great Society programs, whether intentional or not, were aimed squarely at two parent families, making welfare and various government programs much more available to single mothers than 2 parent households.

Minorities were targeted and told that they could not succeed on their own abilities without massive government help.  They were told that every personal failing was caused by someone else, and the new liberal plantation stymied the progress of many of all colors trying to climb out of poverty through hard work and personal sacrifice.

Consequently, minority children born out of wedlock went from under 10% in 1950 to nearly 60% today. And while the welfare roles exploded, abortion on demand was justified as a necessary alternative, resulting in the murder of some 53 million unborn babies.

During this same timeframe prayer and the Bible were banned from public schools and government buildings, while sex education was amped up until today children as young as 3 years old are taught that gender is optional, and pedophilia is a normal human activity.

Our Christian God has been renamed Gaia (Mother Earth) by the UN, while Pope Francis and the Vatican's Council of Cardinals is openly promoting Marxism despite Marx's numerous writings as a devout Satanist.

Moreover, the National Council of Churches is promoting the WOKE, Green and BLM agenda despite the obvious heresy of supporting their Marxist/ communist/atheist underpinnings.

What else do we need to see with our own lying eyes before we comprehend the destruction of our Judeo Christian culture and with it, our national character?

Since the advent of television, many in the working middle class have become a society of brainless marshmallows, wanting nothing more than to sit in our recliners and be entertained with reality TV and sports programs while our children grow up without responsible, involved, adult supervision.

Many families no longer eat supper at the dinner table every night as a family engaged in involved conversation with their children, talking about school activities, current events, and generally fulfilling the role of responsible parents.

Television and the internet has become a full time babysitter for many children, replacing good parenting with visual stimulation and 30 second sound bites that teach perverse new age nonsense like Wokeness, CRT and gender neutrality…………and it is everywhere……on every channel.

If Americans are to regain our national character, it must happen quickly and we must be willing to do things that may make us uncomfortable……… giving up being entertained to attend City Council or School Board Meetings.  We may need to give up some leisure time to run for public office, or campaign for someone else who will.

We must turn off the “one eyed mind sucker” (television) and start reading books and following truthful alternative media podcasts like Connecting the Dots and John Moore – the Liberty Man.  Being a good citizen is not automatic and requires your time and effort.  It also requires your commitment and willingness to go out on a limb to stand for a just cause.

Being a coward, and at the same time, a person of high character, is impossible.

If you are willing to turn your back on your loved ones and your country in time of need, you are a coward and not worthy of our respect.  We are where we are as a nation because we became complacent and comfortable in our servitude, allowing others infinitely less qualified to take the reins of power and pull us in a direction diametrically opposed to the vision of the Founders.  If we are to survive as a constitutional republic, we must re-commit to the values and national character that made America exceptional. It is either now or never.

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