Is sustainable development really about creating a better world for mankind or is it a political ideology that promotes Marxism and government control of every aspect of human existence?

Some would postulate that all control is wise and necessary for “the common good” which is used as WOKE justification for a transition to socialism and global control by the few over the many.  Within hours of (P)resident Obiden's ascension to the presidency, he re-committed the U.S. to the UN's Paris Climate Accords with its full embrace of UN Agenda 2030 and the openly Marxist “green” programs that it supports.

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Guest: Jim Beers retired from the US Fish and Wildlife Service in 2000 where he served as a career wildlife biologist, US Special Agent, Chief of National Wildlife Refuge Operations, wetland biologist, program analyst, and Congressional Fellow.

Guest: Nathan Descheemaeker – and his family raise registered feeder calves in Central Montana.  Nathan is the Chairman of the Montana Grass Commission and a Senior Research Associate and Policy Analyst specializing in federal and local government administrative procedures, land and natural resource policymaking, local governmental relations, and Program managment.

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The Obama dream of a socialist/Marxist “fundamental transformation” of America has been resumed under the Obiden Administration, and was thrown into hyperdrive with Biden's full support of the 30 x 30 plan to transfer 30% of all US landmass into the public domain by 2030 and move us rapidly into a “green economy”, virtually guaranteeing a massive decline in the standard of living for our shrinking middle-class.

This is a reflection of just exactly how committed this administration is to the U.N. Agenda 21/2030 plan to end the uniquely American right to own private property while redistributing America's wealth to the world; and in the process, destroying our ability to maintain a thriving middle class.

And while these programs will destroy so much of what has made America great, it virtually hands the reins of the world economy over to our ideological enemy, communist China. This is not by accident, and is why communist China so shamelessly funded the Biden campaign through shell corporations controlled by Hunter during the 2020 residential selection of China Joe.

Recently published findings in the Durham Report prove beyond a shadow of doubt that the FBI colluded with the Clinton Campaign and Democrat Party to influence and fabricate a phony Russia/Trump dossier that was of no actual substance, while politically motivated to destroy a sitting President. The relentless attacks by the lamestream media against the Trump administration using unproven Russian collusion disinformation to taint the results of the 2016 election is being shamelessly reversed to cover up the 2020 Biden election corruption and stop the national forensic election audit movement dead in it's tracks.

Until something is done to reform our totally compromised election process, it is doubtful that we will ever again see an honest American election, as was reaffirmed by the 2022 midterm (s)elections.  It is definitely time for all states to demand a return to verified IDs and hand counted paper ballots at the precinct level….but will it ever happen? Not if we continue to roll over and blindly accept our fate for fear of being targeted as an “election denier” or “conspiracy theorist”.

Life, liberty and property are cornerstones of the American system of free enterprise and must be defended at all cost.

The Green New Deal is green only in the sense that it transfers the wealth of the American middle-class to communist and third-world dictators.  It is also not new or a deal…….at least a deal other than a deal with the devil. Gaia (earth) worship is certainly not new, but is a central theme to the Green New Deal and presupposes the death of Christian culture.

The Christian concept of stewardship infers ownership, and the Marxist planners that came up with the idea of UN Agenda 21/2030 and world government have nothing but contempt for the idea of Christianity or property ownership…………other than their ownership of everything including your body.

The United States of America has been number one target of communist planners and Marxist ideologues for at least the past 100 years. To destroy the American republic would remove the last major hurdle for the New World Order plutocrats that want nothing less than a complete takeover and total control of humanity.

The destruction of private property is promoted by sustainability proponents who argue that “private property is a chief component of social injustice and must be eliminated for a just, equitable, and sustainable world”.  The America envisioned by social progressives deems private property and the accumulation of wealth from hard work and personal sacrifice a crime against humanity, openly promoting a “great reset” that will end private property and bring about their utopian Marxist global society controlled by international banksters and assorted high level technocrats like WEF President, Klaus Schwab.

The very cornerstone of American liberty is the idea of private property that is so thoroughly reinforced in America's founding documents. “Those who can't own property, are property”.  This very wise quote is attributed to Thomas Jefferson, and is the antithesis of the collectivist mindset driving the Green New Deal and the top down world government scheduled for implementation by 2030. Under our constitutional system, government was created to serve the citizens, not control them, and made sacred the notion that the right to own property was our God given, un-alienable right.

The oppressive history of European Monarchy and the feudal landlord system weighed heavily in the basic American premise that your labor was your property and that government or feudal masters did not have the right to take the labor of your hands without your permission.

However, a total understanding of what constitutes private property is so much more complex than most people realize; your labor, land holdings, personal belongings, your physical body, the freedom to reason and create, the right to express the opinions and ideas that come from your mind, are all forms of private property that must be defended at all cost.  The ability to speak freely and to think as you wish is as fundamental to private property as any land titles or personal possessions.

The United States of America became the bread basket for the world because of our hard working farmers and ranchers, our abundant and fertile farmland, and the free market forces invested heavily in the research and development of innovations that have transformed American agriculture in ways unimaginable at the time of our founding.

It's time to stand your ground and defend your rights and duties as Americans! Should we fail, there will be no second chance!

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