Christianity is under attack by the architects of a Luciferian Universal World Church.

This week we are revisiting a subject that is near and dear to all of us; the calls by establishment religions for a Universal World Church, many say with Pagan roots. We will again delve into the Parlaiment of the World's Religions Conference held recently in Chicago, plus we will report on the Burning Man festival in Nevada earlier this month by someone who was there.

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Most true Christian Americans know that traditional beliefs and Biblical teachings are under direct attack by those spreading the false religion of globalism, but most don't truly comprehend the Satanic roots that feed universal world religion. Even more noteworthy are the number of well respected Protestant and Catholic churches that have sold out to the new age cult of Gaia worship and inclusiveness.

Core beliefs like marriage being limited to relations between a man and a woman are being chastised as homophobic by national and international Christian groups in the name of inclusiveness and diversity, despite clear scriptural proof that LBGTQ lifestyles violate biblical tenets. Fear of losing tax exempt status, of being identified as intolerant, or of offending anyone, has many Christians unwilling to speak out against those actively seeking to destroy our beliefs.

Calls to remake society under a nonsecular banner has led to calls for a universal religious order under the guidance of UN sanctioned NGOs and the court of public opinion. Naturally, the character of this universal religious movement will be shaped by academia and mainstream media. Absolute truths like the Ten Commandments are labled as superstitious legacies of the unenlightened by secular humanists and cultural Marxists ” who refuse to acknowledge God as the creator.

In a move to win acceptance of a universal religion, all beliefs including pagans, witches, Luciferians, voodoo, Druids………………you name it, are given an equal seat at the table with the established world religions. This underscores the UNs point that all beliefs, irregardless actual merit, are acceptable and equal to all others, making the whole idea of absolute truth meaningless.

As core beliefs and absolute truths are abandoned on the alter of “tolerance”, anything goes. Man becomes just like any other animal and all forms of behavior including sadism, pedophilia, beastiality, and perversions ad naseum become acceptable and are normalized within a culture made up of depraved sociopaths. Features of the physical world becomes dominant and replace faith, the soul, and moral absolutes as the foundation of Western civilization.

Mother Earth “Gaia” becomes God, and man; no longer created in God's image, becomes the enemy of humanity and can be eradicated by the “enlightened” without moral, societal or legal repercussions. Entire cultures can be exterminated for the “common good” in a neopagan world being exploited by the common enemy of mankind; man himself.

The UN & Global “Power Elite” have learned to use the many tools that totalitarians have used throughout history to control mankind. They have learned to use deceit, mistrust, fear, greed, lust and human weakness to gradually destroy our faith in God and the concept of salvation that is the essence of the Christian faith. They have destroyed the family and replaced logic and common sense with visual stimulation and immorality.

Television and computer technology has replaced most of what was traditional learning with a dumbed down version that requires little more than participation. As a consequence, most children today educated in government schools are in varying degrees, functionally illiterate and/or incapable of making rational decisions based on classical liberal education and deductive reasoning. Reading has become a process of semi-literate texting and following the lamestream media indoctrination program that has grown out of a media owned and controlled by a handful of people who all sing from the same UN sanctioned NGO songbook, and who now control: schools, media, Big Tech and international commerce.

A world of physical pleasure and secular humanism has replaced much of our Christian faith, and it does not help that many of the classical institutions of Christian learning are falling for the same swan song of liberalism that is driving most secular society. To be hip or inclusive has taken over many Christian Churches worldwide and is in the process of destroying the whole concept of salvation through personal sacrifice and faith. We are told that any lifestyle is acceptable, as long as we all treat others with kindness and respect we can seek salvation without Christ.

Welcome to the new age world of universal tolerance where “anything goes” within the World Church Universal. Welcome to the Parliament of the World's Religions, circa Chicago, IL 2023 and the Burning Man Festival 2023.

The enemies of mankind are those who fail to see man as a creation of God almighty, and choose to see humans as nothing more than trainable apes that climbed out of the primordial swamp to serve a select few elite masters planning to rule the world.

Wake up Americans and seek wisdom through faith and truth through prayer. Only God can save humanity!

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