The mainstream media has manipulated and controlled Americans for more than a century. It's time for critical thinkers to arise.

After a lifetime of false flag events leading to wars that never seem to benefit anyone other than international banksters and de-population zealots, I refuse to accept the pro-war message that mainstream media trots out as truth.

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Guest: Major Jeffrey Prather (ret) Retired Special Operations Soldier, former DIA Intelligence Collector, and ex-DEA Special Agent, targeted by the Deep State, turned Whistle Blower, now your intelligence officer exposing fake news!  Served with Special Forces, Chief of Global Operations for the Defense Intelligence Agency, Special Agent for the Drug Enforcement Administration, Fast and Furious whistle blower.

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Consistently avoiding facts in order to sell a canned narrative is the flavor of the century in a mockingbird press that hasn't practiced honest reporting for decades.

Consider the latest drumbeats for war in the Middle East. Anyone calling for a peaceful alternative and/or questioning the mainstream narrative is being labeled as an anti-Semite for asking one very logical question; how could a couple hundred Hamas terrorists in rusty pickup trucks get through the most sophisticated border wall and security system in the world, run rampant for 7 hours murdering, raping and kidnapping hundreds, before the best trained and equipped army in the world could even respond?

Is this the same border security system that can detect when a small bird flies within feet of the fence and sounds alarms at multiple watch posts that are trained to respond with massive military force within minutes?

Are we really to believe this nonsense?

It looks to me that the same very evil people continue writing the false narratives that have damn near destroyed our nation in lost freedoms, blood, honor, and national treasure.

Will the adults stand up and take the rudder of our ship of state before the Marxists and Globalists sink the last free constitutional republic?

The 20 year war in the Middle East that sprung from 9/11 cost more than 900,00 total dead, many times that number maimed, more than $8 trillion in taxpayer dollars (mostly borrowed), and a humiliating American defeat when China Joe abandoned our bases and Afghan allies, leaving behind $80 billion in sophisticated military hardware to be sold by the Taliban to anti-American regimes around the world.

Exactly what was gained by anyone outside of the military industrial complex, political insiders, and banking interests, is unknowable.

We are told that it is far too expensive to protect our national borders from 8 million illegal immigrants, child & human traffickers, terrorists, gangs, and cross border drug cartels that have caused more than 100,000 deaths per year from Chinese/Mexican fentanyl trafficking, yet we can spend $100 billion and growing taxpayer dollars to protect the borders of Ukraine?

Communist groups like ANTIFA and BLM have destroyed many of our inner-cities at the cost of billions of dollars with the vocal support of nearly the entire Democratic Party, but peaceful conservative Americans seeking election integrity are jailed, insulted and denigrated as Election Deniers and Domestic Terrorists when they demand accountability for verifiable election fraud.

Statues of American Founding Fathers and other national heroes are destroyed with no consequence, while statues of Karl Marx and V.I. Lenin are being erected to replace them. We are called a systemically racist culture and all Whites are demonized as victimizers while anyone of color is automatically labled as victim and told all whites are deserving of unlimited retribution.

The response by the talking heads at ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC and Fox is to jump completely on board the WOKE/DEI bandwagon and tell anyone stupid enough to listen that this is good for America.

No wonder most Americans have turned off their TVs and dropped their daily newspaper subscriptions.

Papers of record like the New York Times and Washington Post have become so obviously biased in their reporting that they are no longer worthy of lining a bird cage.

When you can no longer believe your eyes and ears, it's time to engage your brain before they destroy that too.

The most important take-away from all of these instances of mass media/television bias is the way some things are over-reported (propagandized) while truly important items of real consequence are barely or not reported at all by the mainstream media.

Interestingly, this over/under reporting has evolved over time as more and more media are consolidated under globalist billionaire and CCP Chinese ownership.

The obvious political bias has accelerated tenfold during the past several decades until it is no longer possible to sweep under the rug. This bias is undeniably pro-globalist and protects those within the establishment uni-party political class against outsiders and anyone trying to expose plans to end all national sovereignty; especially America's.

As a veteran and proud American, I have a hard time understanding how so many well meaning and patriotic Americans could be so easily misled.

Knowing mainstream media is so completely sold out to Marxists and special interests explains a lot, but that is only part of the story. A lack of civic education and/or willingness to take personal responsibility has left most Americans on the sidelines of the political process.

It's time to stand up and take our nation back. The only way to save America is by accepting responsibility and refusing to turn a blind eye when confronted by tyranny.




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