Our New Year's resolution for 2024 should be: to seek truth, demand justice, resist fear, and protect our constitutional heritage as a sovereign America.

Connecting The Dots Full Show

An American tradition is ringing in the New Year every year with pledges of personal commitment to make life better for oneself and their families. These “New Year resolutions” are rarely kept for more than a few days and casually made by most Americans hard pressed to commit to anything with resolve in these days of political correctness and short attention spans.

My point……if there was ever a time for meaningful New Year Resolutions made with steadfast resolve, 2024 would be the time. For the first time in my lifetime most Americans recognize that reality does not fit the politically correct narrative of the corporate media, D.C. swamp denizens, and WOKE academics; thirsting for truth in a very propagandized sound-bite world. Although still in the minority, many Americans are beginning to understand the true meaning of “the fundamental transformation” of America as pledged by the Marxist/globalist Obama and Obiden Administrations and are frantically looking for a return to some semblance of normalcy.

The traditional meanings of liberal and conservative values have, like everything else, been redefined to mean things never intended by Webster. The WOKE dictionary of American Progressive Marxism has blurred the meaning of words, often so radically that modern translations defy language and logic.

Most Americans that grew up believing they were social and fiscal liberals also believed in some degree of personal sacrifice and individual responsibility; understanding that their brand of soft socialism only works when everyone shares the load equally. Although most utopian socialists are altruistic and well meaning, to believe that an unbroken record of socialist failure can somehow change without totalitarian rule is unrealistic to the point of absurdity.

Redistribution of wealth only works until the few remaining producers get tired of being screwed and quit producing. Eventually there is no-one pulling the cart and those looking for a free ride are left in the middle of the road to die. That's the inevitable consequence of involuntary socialism, and the reason that all forms of socialism invariably transition into communism and eventually, totalitarianism.

History reflects this progression without exception. More and more liberal progressives are coming to the same conclusion; after years of failure and the inevitable break down of civil society that we have all experienced in recent decades. Unless you are a low IQ shill like China Joe, you realize that to “build back better” you have to first destroy the American system of limited self government that created the enormous prosperity that was the envy of the free world. To effectively transition to a Marxist system so very repugnant to a system of free choice and personal responsibility, that destruction must be absolute.

Marxism and communism can only succeed when all other choices are eliminated. Marxist ideologues Obama and Obiden have nearly succeeded in destroying the America we knew, and with it the system of limited self government that was so enormously successful.

Obviously this is not a liberal versus conservative problem, it is a problem of reality versus illusion, and more importantly a battle between those who believe in individual rights vs those who want humanity to exist under a system of perpetually enforced slavery under totalitarian rule.

It is no accident that Obama and Obiden so ardently support the radical environmentalism that threatens to destroy our modern industrial society and thriving middle class. It is also no accident that they gave a free pass to communist and Marxist groups to riot, burn and loot our major cities under the aegis of social justice and racial equality, while openly weaponizing the Justice Department, IRS, FBI and other federal agencies against those demanding traditional civil liberty and a return to constitutional government.

Our New Year resolutions for 2024 should be made with iron-willed resolve and a clear understanding that this may be the last year we possess the right to speak up and protect the future for our progeny.

Our constitutional rights as Americans are fading fast and must be protected at all cost. To remain silent and allow others to determine our fate while they ignore rule of law and deny constitutional truths is not only foolish, it is anti-American.

Our founders sacrificed greatly to give us the freedoms we now enjoy and would be dumbfounded by our willingness to senselessly fritter them away. 2024 should be a year of renewed patriotism and shared sacrifice for all Americans willing to stand in defense of liberty. 2024 must become the year we finally stand as a nation and reaffirm our desire for “fundamental truths not fundamental transformation” rejecting once-and-for-all the false promises of Marxist rulers hell-bent on transitioning America into globalism.