Human physiology and our natural genetic state is becoming the ghoulish pastime of Man-God elites wishing to reinvent us.

As we come within a knifes edge of losing the not so secret war on humanity, one needn't look very far to see the who, what, why and how we got here………..we just need to acknowledge the strangling policies of egotistical Man-God one-world technocrats and admit to our lying eyes what we see!

Two years of Covid 19 hyper-propaganda and attempts to force vaccines, mask mandates, lockdowns and social isolation were effective in controlling the willfully ignorant, however, it also brought the issue of absolute government control to the fore, with thinking Americans finally saying NO!

Our intellectual laziness and unwillingness to admit how badly we underestimated the depths of human depravity led to well over a century of remarkably inept governance under the “leadership” of those willing to sell their souls for money and power.

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Guest: Andrew Kaufman MD – is a public speaker, researcher, natural healing practitioner, business and homeschooling consultant, inventor, and Covid-19 whistleblower.  Dr. Andy has a B.S. from M.I.T. in Molecular Biology and completed his psychiatric training at Duke University Medical Center after graduating from the Medical University of South Carolina. He spent many years in the medical field and practiced as a forensic psychiatrist and expert witness.

Guest: Carl Teichrib – is a researcher, writer, and lecturer focusing on the paradigm shift sweeping the Western world, including the challenges and opportunities faced by Christians.  His book Game of Gods Carl describes a world filled with a sense of uncertainty and foreboding. Anticipation of things to come is palpable, and it’s more than a feeling in the air. We are witnessing a titanic impact at the crossroads of religion, politics, technology, and culture. Fundamentally it is a collision of worldviews, and we are all experiencing the shockwaves.

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The future of humanity has been blown around like leaves in the wind, tossed about at the whim of forces that we neither comprehend or control.  Sadly, those forces are primarily greed and ego driven by men who see themselves as gods.

Although the lamestream media and their comrades in Marxist academia consistently label traditional conservatives as intolerant troglodytes and haters of all things “diverse”, quite the opposite is true………Christian conservatives see themselves as flawed, and look to God's guidance.  Meanwhile, leftists place themselves as the highest authority in creation, refusing to acknowledge any supreme being higher than man, leading to incalculable tinkering with human physiology & genetics by the “enlightened few”.

The enormous egos and intolerance by the educated left is stunning, especially when these “enlightened few” are referring to those of us in the working or middle-class.  They look down at anyone who hasn't made their entire life's story about their station in life, political and family connections, influential friends, or how many degrees they were able to accumulate with other people's money; usually multi-generational well-to-do parents that are all too willing to extend their childrens adolescense well into their 20s, 30s, 40s and even 50s.

Meanwhile, Christian Conservatives are overwhelmingly from the working middle class and the entrepreneurial class of America, having worked most of their lives while knowing the value of thrift and of goal setting.  Their belief in the nuclear family and traditional values are often at the center of their lives, but their belief in the sanctity in life and the meaning of marriage between one man and one woman often put them at odds with the pro abortion lobby and the gay rights/transgender crowd.

These activist groups are tools for radical change and are usually very well funded by globalists……..the same globalists that see most of humanity as a cancer on the earth and wish to cull the human herd by as much as 95%.

Skillful manipulation of social/moral/racial/political/religious differences between people by the clever change agents of the left have created an unprecidented level of chaos and civil disorder worldwide.  Throw in the alarmist vision of man caused environmental destruction of the planet mixed with an endless supply of wars and plandemics to scare the hell out of everyone and bingo………the global visionaries are set to ride to the rescue and save us from ourselves, but only if we are willing to unconditionally submit to their authority.

Almost too late to make a difference, Americans are only now beginning to catch on to the globalist plan to destroy individualism and meaningful human rights.  The American “sleeping giant” is finally awakening, but can we effectively resist the New World Order of collectivist totalitarian rule?
Although a significant percentage of Americans have been educated in schools (government indoctrination centers) controlled by Marxist academics and have become the “useful idiots” of the left, most Americans still believe in individual rights, fair play, and some degree of personal responsibility.  Are there enough with the foresight, courage and moral conviction to withstand the globalist onslaught?
The world has become a very chaotic and dangerous place in the absence of enlightened opposition to the power elite now holding the high ground.  The absolute control of humanity as we know it is their ultimate goal. We must come to terms with that reality and not let the will of a select few control the future of the planet.
Wake up America and put an end to this globalist nightmare
by opposing their tyranny.

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