Mandy Jacob

Mandy Jacob

Born in South Africa during Apartheid, Mandy received her B. Com & M. Com in Economics from University of Cape Town. She then obtained her LLM in international Finance, Law, and Economics at the Prestigious Warwick University in England from which she graduated Magna Cum Laude.

Upon graduation Mandy was recruited by GE Capital to their famed Financial Management Program. One of only 270 employees worldwide, she received private mentoring from GE leadership, changing GEC companies and countries every 6 months, whilst completing her MBA. Mandy transferred within GE from their Investment Banking arm to NBC. As the International Finance Manager, she led NBC’s distribution department of 61 people at the age of 26. After a year and a half at NBC, she procured seed money to start her own immigration company which she successfully ran until the birth of her first child.

In the next phase of her life, Mandy turned her focus to raising her three polyglot boys whom she still classically homeschools. She wrote 5 Right-Brain Christian books and received a neurological development certificate from The Institute of Human Potential in PA. Over the past decade she continues to teach Right-Brain education and Quantum speedreading to the homeschool community.

7 years ago, Mandy became a “solutionist” when she formed her first nonprofit, the California Constitutional Coalition specifically targeting the onslaught of Communism in her beloved USA. The next non-profit United States Issues Reform grew from Thousand Oaks, CA to 28 states aiming to limit AI, radiation and 5G. This fight culminated in the Federal win against the FCC in the D.C Ct of appeals & she wrote a book on ways to now secure your city legally against radiation. Mandy still remains dedicated to help heal those disabled from Electromagnetic Radiation & Microwave sickness. However, after winning the federal lawsuit, she realized that all politics is local and ran Kevin McNamee for City Council in Thousand Oaks on the 5Gfree platform and he won!

With the onset of Covid, Mandy incorporated all freedom issues into her anti-globalist platform through an ekklesia called Watchmen on the Wall (WW33 @ www.watchmen33org from Ezekiel 33). WW33 is a highly prophetic legal/political organization, specifically focused on government and employing divine legal strategies to protect our sovereignty and parental rights. Simply put WW33 gets on the offensive against evil with their key phrase being, “Not on our watch!”

Mandy will attest to her Moses moment when the Lord downloaded a Criminal Schoolboard package to her in 2020. It is now used in three states, legally tying the hands of any government official for potential criminal misdemeanors or felonies based on child abuse. This package has successfully protected half a million children from vaccine passports and masks. It has also been used to evict illegal tenants and was even broadcast on the Judge Judy show. Her latest project is a website displaying all her artwork.

Mandy considers herself blessed to be on the right side of history through two apartheids, first in SA and then in the USA. Her Ekklesia, WW33 has become a tightly knit family of spiritual snipers shifting governmental principalities while bringing people to Christ. Mandy has moved as a seer for two decades and blends it with her apostolic & prophetic gifts. She lives to be the hands & feet of Yeshua Ha’Mashiach.