America has stood as the last best bastion of freedom in an increasingly totalitarian world……….until recently.

Our foreign policies for the past 35 years have become serial disasters on steroids; mainly because every key decision is politicized with an underlying purpose counter to the stated goal.  The U.S. has become the poster child for the destruction of an advanced free market economy by entrenched bureaucrats and professional politicians of the globalist/Marxist/fascist ilk.

Not only have we wrecked our economy, we have turned friends into enemies and assisted our ideological enemies with feckless leaders at all levels and consistently inconsistent foreign policies.  Obviously; this can't possibly have happened by accident.

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Help Bring Michael Home

Guests: Maj. General Paul E. Vallely, Marry Fanning & Michael Enright.  Michael  acted in a number of different films with Tom Cruise and pirates of the Caribbean.  Michael has been in a lot of stuff over the years.  And he decided to volunteer to go to Syria and fight ISIS, and he joined.  Now this is quite a story.  He is originally from the Uk.  Enright moved here and was in Hollywood for 20 some years.  He has a really interesting bio, but when he went to Syria, he was fighting with the Kurdish troops over there against the the ISIS people because they were killing all the Christians.  And he was over there for a long period of time.  But when he came back to the United States he ran into some folks from the state Department or intelligence community who refused to let him back into the country.  After having spent almost 20 years here, they refused to let him back into the country unless he started getting intelligence on ISIS and turned it over to the intelligence community.  Well, guess what he did? He did all the things that they asked him to do and when he came to get back into the country, they refused to let him in.  And the people in the intelligence community who he had been working with just disappeared.  And so Michael is now stuck in Mexico and can't get back into the country, and his story is absolutely amazing.

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Recently I have focused on globalist efforts to accelerate the decline of any remaining free market economies and bring about the end of all national sovereignty.  These diktats fit neatly within the totalitarian goals outlined in Marx's Communist Manifesto and are diametrically opposed to free market capitalism and American constitutional government.

The great surprise is that a significant percentage of our national elected leaders and the Federal bureaucrats known as the “deep state” are fully on board with this Marxist takeover of our government.  According to our U.S. Constitution, this is not only wrong, it is treason punishable by death.

The central strategy of these Marxist ideologues is to Balkanize the United States and her citizens by identifying exaggerated differences between races, sexes, socio-economic groups, and cultures so as to divide and conquer.  This is a well defined strategy that has been used numerous times throughout history by totalitarian groups to bring down stable governments.

A key tactical component of this Balkanization effort is the destruction of national borders with extensive illegal immigration.  By opening the borders in this way, cultural cohesion and sense of national identity can be attacked directly by overwhelming the social services, schools, hospitals, welfare systems, and a nation's ability to provide for this flood of immigrants demanding all the things promised by the Marxist agitators leading the parade.

This is the classic Cloward and Piven strategy to overwhelm capitalistic systems by rapidly expanding the welfare state.

When combined with the perceived unfairness being promoted by the Cultural Marxists and their useful idiots in the media and academia, the culture and economy becomes so completely overextended that the citizens cry out for someone to save them……..and guess what, the saviors are always the same ones promoting the problem in the first place…..the classic Hegelian/Dialectic (problem, reaction, solution) methodology to control society.

Although you might think this open border policy is consistent; you would be completely wrong.  Cuban nationals trying to escape the Raul Castro regime are stopped by the Coast Guard and delivered back to Cuba facing certain persecution while our northern and southern borders are left undefended………at least until you someone who has a legitimate reason to be here such as Michael Enright.

The greatest military disaster since Pearl Harbor was suffered during the chaotic pullout in Afghanistan in 2021 that left nearly $80 billion in high tech military equipment in the hands of the Taliban and turned over computer files and information on all Afghani's that had helped the Americans during their 20 year occupation.

At a cost of over $8 trillion dollars and 4,500 American dead and ten times that number disabled, our unwise experiment in nation building had come to an end with many of our allies wondering what had happened to the much vaunted American will.

In Syria, Iraq and Turkey, Kurdish refugees and Christian groups were under intense attack by ISIS extremists with no real help from U.S. military ground forces.  American, Australian and European humanitarian volunteers came to the rescue, joining para-military units with Kurdish militia men and women to keep the 50,000 strong ISIS units from killing and enslaving whole populations within their ever-expanding territories.

Among these brave volunteers was British Actor Michael Enright, who feeling a sense of duty to the America he loved, decided to become part of the effort to stop and end ISIS's murderous quest.

This podcast is an expos'e on the double standard applied against our real friends and allies by ideologues of a vision for AMERIKA 2030 controlled by globalists and utopian socialists devoid of honor and charity.

Promises made by our Intelligence Community to provide citizenship to Michael in exchange for information on ISIS activities were hollow and he is stuck in Mexico with no immigration solution in sight.

The vision of a New World Order utopia has no tolerance for patriotism or Christian charity and will be ruled by lawless political hacks manipulated by the moneyed elite.

Welcome to the New World Disorder of 2023!