Annaliza Spiga of CARDIO MIRACLE and Stanford Graham of ELEMENTS MEALS discuss WITH DAN the health benefits of NITRIC OXIDE, HEALTHY EATING and EXERCISE on the body. Living Healthy to reduce chances of long term health issues in a world where your choice of foods can have incredible effects on your health and vitality. Both the young and the old will benefit.  Learn More About Nitric Oxide & Cardio Miracle

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As more and more evidence emerges to reinforce the obvious fact that America no longer has a free and open constitutional republic, we are reminded that all countries that fell to totalitarianism, fascism and communism did so through a series of manufactured crises and false flag events that caused people to trade their liberty for temporary safety.  Is Covid just one more false flag event?

The advent of Covid-19 in 2020 created a perfect scenario to guide the whole world including the U.S. into unlimited government control over citizens in a very clandestine way…….after all, it's  for our own good…..right?  The fact that the whole world succumbed to this mindset, including the Trump Administration, seemed to make the whole thing just that much more acceptable to even conservative Christian Americans, but is it a pandemic or a plandemic?

Lockdowns, face masks, social distancing, loss of employment for (unessential workers) who always seemed to represent small businesses and never government employees or mega corporations like Amazon, Walmart, Costco, etc. were used to shut down America in a way that would be unthinkable several decades ago.  Whatever Dr. Fauci said Trump went along with, including the virtual destruction of the American middle class through this lockdown madness.  Then came the Covid Vaccine program known as project warp sped that including the stated goal of immunizing everyone in the United States with a totally untested vaccine that contains elements heretofore unknown in the vaccine world including: nano chips, artificial intelligence, dna/rna modifiers, hydrogel; things that have no record of success in fighting any know virus, but seem to be more appropriate as behavior modifier and tracking technology in a trans-humanist environment.

It seems that we are now totally conditioned to get in line like the sheeple that we are, and willingly accept what our masters tell us to do.  Moreover, a significant percentage of the sheeple get angry at us that refuse to accept the inane and unscientific demands of bureaucrats or succumb to political hacks who order every aspect of our lives, including telling us that we can no longer visit Grandma, have Thanksgiving dinner, or enjoy Christmas day with our own families.

Common inexpensive drugs like Hydroxychloroquine and Chlorine Dioxide that have a proven track record in fighting Malaria and Dengue fever are shunned as medical witchcraft in treating Covid despite much evidence to the contrary.  Healthy diet, staying fit, vitamin and mineral supplements such as: zinc, D3, Nitric Oxide, all show strong scientifically provable evidence that Covid is no more dangerous than many strains of flu to most people in relatively good health.  Staying physically fit and eating a healthy, balanced diet stands a much better chance of warding off disease than all the pharmaceutical drugs in the world combined.

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Why do so many governmental entities go out of their way to discredit homeopathic remedies while untested and hurried vaccine programs are ballyhoo'd as medical miracles?  Somehow they convince the sheeple to stand in line and get their shots despite ample evidence that they don't work and may in fact be detrimental to our health and future well being.

Now we are told that unless we submit to vaccination, we will no longer be allowed to travel, shop for groceries, go to work, visit with family/friends or participate in normal life activities.  Is this the implementation of UN Agenda 21/2030 programs that move society into a tightly controlled technocracy?

America, Wake up and smell the coffee.  We are being led down a garden path that will end up inside the gateposts of the New World Order.  This world order will look nothing like the America we knew and loved; the America that all the free world aspired to be.  Stand up and just say NO before we lose even the right to do that!

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Annalize SpigaAnnaliza Spiga – has been in the health and beauty industry for over 30 years.  In her work with fortune 500 companies she became acutely aware of the importance to educate consumers to see beyond the advertising and search out the truth.

She has made it her mission to empower people with information to take back their health and to achieve their beauty goals without sacrificing their health.  She founded The Skin Curator, an online store, that offers consumers clean products that she has personally vetted.  Annaliza’s passion for health freedom has lead her to advocate for the best health and beauty products on the market as well as Cardio Miracle Brand Ambassador.

Annaliza Spiga
Communications Manager

Stanford A. Graham
“Fresh farm food … in a bag”

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