Illegal immigrants have become pawns in a very evil plan to destroy nation states and transition us into world government.

Globalism can best be defined as top down Marxist world government operating within a monolithic, technocratic, feudalistic framework, administered by bureaucrats.

Under this system, sovereign nations will no longer exist, and all resources will be distributed by bureaucratically appointed agents through a social credit system that monitors and regulates personal consumption, environmental compliance, social equity, and political conformity.

For this system to work, national borders must be erased, along with any sense of national identity and patriotism.  The U.S. Constitution guarantees all citizens republican government of, by, and for the people, under a Bill of Rights founded on equal rights and justice for all, not equal outcomes.  This makes the U.S. system of government the antithesis of Marxist world government and therefore America must be destroyed.

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Guest: Charles R. FloydCEO & IT Consultant (U.S. Army Retired) Senior executive and CEO with over 30 years of experience in security and government programs at the Departmets of Defense and State.  Charles has experience with IT, cybersecurity, encryption, AI, C2/4 systems, physical security, has Top Secret Security Clearance…

Guest: Christie Hutcherson – Founder, President and Leading Spokesperson of Women Fighting For America, an orginaztion promoting the role of women in American constitutional government.  She is one of the only Americans who has traveled the entire 2,000 miles of the southern border and hundreds of miles of our forgotten northern border in her quest to save America.

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The progressive socialists currently in positions of power within our government are fully on board with the use of illegal and unlimited immigration as a tool to end the United States and meld us into their Marxist vision of absolute equality for every living soul on the planet.

The self described liberal progressive “protectors” of the rights of immigrants, minorities and the underprivileged are the useful idiots of internationalists that see all humans as little more than pawns in their plan to control humanity.  Open border policies are being promoted by the same traitors to the U.S. Constitution that promote Marxism, communism and globalism.

Stated simply, globalism will never work in a system that respects private property, national sovereignty, liberty for all, and individual rights.  The only way that world government can possibly work is in a system of omnipotent, top down, egalitarian control by a very powerful few at the expense of the many.

State sponsored illegal immigration affects everyone, and although there are enormous social and economic costs for legal citizens, they don't begin to compare with the immorality of using human beings as pawns in a global game to destroy sovereign nations while promoting totalitarian world government.

A century of funneling our children through indoctrination centers (public education) for Marxist idealogues has so “fundamentally transformed” American education that most children buy the destruction of their freedoms……hook, line and sinker.  We have raised at least three generations of hyper-sensitized feelers, not thinkers.  Feelers are easily guided into policies that make absolutely no sense when looked at objectively.

America, the land of liberty and personal opportunity is being destroyed before our eyes by the useful idiots that now occupy the highest positions in academia, mainstream media, social media, corporatocracy, and political power.  Even the ones that know better are so cowed by political correctness that they willingly support ideas that are diametrically opposed to mainstream American.

We all know that America is a land of immigrants. Our strength is in our diversity; not the convoluted social progressive diversity touted by leftist revolutionaries like Obama, Harris and Obiden, but the diversity of individuals willing to risk everything for the freedom to succeed by the sweat of their brow in a land of limitless opportunities.

These immigrants wanted to be Americans because of the opportunity and freedom that only the American republic afforded.  They came here to be true Americans, not hyphenated Americans.  They understood that success or failure would be on them; not because of limitless social programs to provide everything to them at someone else's expense, but because of their hard work, personal sacrifice, and their desire to succeed.

That is a concept that limousine liberals and Marxist ideologues can't even fathom, much less accept.  To them, immigrants are little more than tools to further their political ambitions and use as bargaining chips for future favors and financial gain.

That is exactly why and how the International Power Elite are using unlimited immigration to destroy national sovereignty and move the whole world into their socialist/Marxist/feudalist New World Order. With the willing assistance of progressive lap dogs and the other politically correct useful idiots that refuse to think with their brain, illegal immigration has become the bane of humanity and an important tool for Globalists.

Who are the real losers in this Power Elite chess game? Just about everyone except the guys at the top pulling the strings and making big money off everyone's personal misery.

More than 100,000 Americans are dying per year from Chinese/Mexican trafficked fentanyl coming across our southern border.

Taxpayers are getting hosed with out of control social spending that conservatively estimates the cost of illegal immigration at nearly 300 billion dollars per year, women and children are being trafficked and sold into prostitution/slavery by the tens of thousands every year, while over 20% of all felons in federal prisons are now illegals.  Entire small communities and most major cities are being overwhelmed by gangs, drugs, crime and the sheer numbers illegals requiring social and medical services. How many terrorist sleeper cells have imbedded themselves throughout America in the past 2+ years?

Is this fair to those who came here legally, who are questioning why they did it the honest way?  This is not the America that made us the envy of the world.  Wake up America before globalists destroy what made America great!

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