The reason we are doing this particular podcast is to provide an alternative to those who have already taken the vaccines and (trust me on this) unlimited boosters that will be required, and to provide a process to protect yourselves against the spike proteins that are attacking your circulatory system.
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Guest: Stanford A. Graham – is Executive Director and General Counsel for Sanacor International, Inc., (Sanacor) the producer of the most advanced nitric oxide supplement in the U.S. and abroad, i.e., Cardio Miracle

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One of the most debilitating aspects of both Covid and the vaccines is the introduction of spike proteins that attach themselves throughout your your entire cardio vascular system and increase the risk of blot clots, stroke and heart attacks by many multiples. This especilly impacts the miles of small capillaries that make up the overwheming percentage of the total cardio vascular system. Spike proteins attack the very thin lining of the cardio vascular system known as the endophelium that is essential for smooth blood flow. This has also been proven by medical professionals, but has been suppressed by academia and the lamestream media.

The fact that autopsies of Covid patients both vaccinated and unvaccinated are virtually nonexistent makes very little sense until you realize that the end game is not stopping/suppressing the virus; it is about removing/controlling the greatest number of people for the greater good of humanity. Under their socialist utopia the human life form must transmutate through a greatly reduced human population and therein the exponential reduction in human consumption of limited resources (sustainability).

I'm sure that more than a few of you have noticed that my newsletter hasn't been published for the past month and my podcasts were put on a full hiatus during the same timeframe. WOW, we just came back from the month from hell, and it was a doozie!

Father Covid decided to visit our household and did his level best to terminate all the lives therein, but with some great medical consultation and the prayers of all our wonderful friends, we have managed to survive and are finally back on the mend in a big way.

We were not sure exactly how nasty the virus would be to us personally before we actually contracted it, we just knew that the outrageous push to vaccinate every human on the planet fit way too conveniently into the whole 20+ year Covid patent saga of taking a virus that was confined to a limited number of animal species (humans not included) and weaponizing it through “gain of function” research paid for by American taxpayers and performed in a Chinese Communist Bio-Weapons lab to create an unusually virilent bio-weapon against humanity.
Is this conjecture or overstatement of fact? Well, according to an incredibly concise and well documented paper trail through the patent process between Big Pharma, the CDC, WHO, creapy Dr. Fauci and academic researchers, by Dr. David Martin, this is not only fact, it is fact based on a long and quite provable process of orchestrated medical research that took over 20 years to develop. Why would these lunatics work so hard to create a bioweapon that could destroy the human race? It only makes sense whjen you realize the number of eugenicists that occupy strategic positions within US and world governments.
Look at the changes reshaping society into a New World Order that us tin-foil-hat conspiracy theorists have predicted quite accurately for nearly thirty years. It's called UN Agenda 21/2030 ( more recently The Green New Deal) and is designed to do exactly what is currently happening within our economy and society. It will quite literally destroy free market capitalism and move the entire world into a command/control economy and social credit system that was rolled out in Communist China nearly a decade ago. Bottom line; the worlds population must be reduced to fewer than 1 billion people to make the plan work……..and the billion allowed to live must be easily controlled and compliant to their masters. To mess with our rna/dna through nano chip technology and here-to-fore unthinkable biological processes to modify the human genome could only be accomplished with a plandemic of the sort we have experienced for the past 22 months.
WAKE UP AMERICA! It is not too late to reclaim our God given right to exist and to live as we chose, not by government mandate. By refusing to accept government orders, we will be drawing a line in the sand, and must be willing to defend that line with our lives. If the Covid vaccines and mandates are truly science based, we must see the science and be allowed to provide the counter evidence that challenges this science until full disclosure is obtained. Only then will we know the truth, and it may surprise a lot of compliant individuals.

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