The public school system is being used by the radical leftist for political indoctrination, training young Marxist and brainwashing kids into the communist green agenda.

Other than openly stolen elections and cognitive dissonance of monumental proportions, how did this radical conversion of America occur, and why have we let the failed ideas of Marxist apparatchiks dominate our political discourse, influence our decision makers, control the mainstream media, and brainwash the educators? If you think somehow this has happened as a consequence of an era of intellectual enlightenment you are obviously ready to be vaccinated.

Project Veritas Uncovers California High School Teacher Talking About His Communist Indoctrination of Students: ‘Turn Them into Revolutionaries’

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Guest: Holly Swanson – is a leading authority on the undisclosed political agenda of the environmental movement.  Swanson is know for exposing how environmental education is being used to politically indoctrinate American children, future voters, to revolutionary communist beliefs and goals.
Holly's books, Training for Treason and Set up and Sold OutFind Out What Green Really Means, are really exceptional works.

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Progressive socialists, aka cultural Marxists, have controlled the mainstream media and academia for many decades and have been promoting the most anti-constitutional radical Marxist agenda imaginable where it hits us the hardest; by indoctrinating our youth. Across America, K-12 schools have become propaganda incubators for the most radical Marxist programs, as America's teachers colleges became dominated by Frankfurt School trained ideologues.

Moreover, our social institutions are also being radicalized, fanning violent conflict between economic, social, racial, religious, political and gender groups. This is a common ploy by Marxist strategists to destabilize, and eventually bring down established societies.  By creating chaos and anarchy until average citizens beg for someone to step in to stop the violence, they have taken over country after country……all the while claiming to save us from our baser human instincts.  Conflict is the primary tool used to effect societal change under Marxism and the Deep State is adept at using a combination of unlimited government control and taxpayer funded financial incentives to suppress freedom while ending meaningful resistance.  It's the velvet glove worn by the iron fist, and you are about to feel it bash in your face.

It is also the secret sauce of the sustainability movement and UN Agenda 21/2030. Sell a warm and fuzzy idea, coat it in liberal amounts of “free money” to make it seem desirable, then say goodbye to your freedoms after it is too late to fight back. To know the Green New Deal unvarnished definition of sustainable development you need to understand one thing; “sustainable development” intends to end American national sovereignty and the concept of private property / individual rights in the name of saving the planet from selfish Americans, while redistributing our wealth to their collectivist friends around the globe.  Ask your children what they are being taught in American public schools in 2021 and it isn't writing, arithmetic or real American history.

Our children are now told that free markets and capitalism are failed experiments that must be replaced with progressive thinking (Marxism) which proponents say will lead us to heaven on earth, a new humanist nirvana that respects neither God nor the rights of individuals but outspokenly loves collectivism.

The green new deal, Agenda 21, and other programs all mesh into the idea of educating our youth to become global citizens instead of Americans, and to embrace Marxism in educational philosophy and hate capitalism, destroying the united states of America.

We are at a point where sitting back will allow the imposition of communism to continue.  We need to stop the communist policies from being imposed.  That is what we need to do.  We need to stand forward and replace those who do not understand… They Govern with the consent of the Governed.  Many states have passed laws which say you can not teach racism is schools, you can not teach the critical race theory because it is harmful to students.

The group Rethinking Schools and part of the Zinn education project – Howard Zinn, a well know communist – has now come out with a pledge and are planning to defy the state bans and teach it anyway.  Those teachers need to resign or be fired. They're breaking the law.  They're job description is to teach the basics, not turn our schools into indoctrination centers.  That's what we have seen over the last 20 years. Our schools have gone from being politically neutral environment, to becoming, basically, the communist example, the communist model, the communist standard of education where the whole idea is to brainwash children so they will think, act, vote, and speak a certain way.

Socialist indoctrination in public schools has transitioned so many of our young people into this mindset that collectivism is good and individualism, or – the rights to own property, is bad.  And a lot of them are intelligent young people who are buying off on this nonsense.  You wonder what in the world could allow teachers to have so little common sense, that they can go along with teaching propaganda even though they know it's not in their best interest.

The greens (the green movement – green party alliance) said back in 1989, in regard to climate change – Survival is highly motivating and may help us in building a mass movement that will lead to large scale political and societal change in a very short period of time.  First of all we would have to inform the public that the crisis is more immediate and more severe than we are being told.  It's implications are to great to wait for the science to confirm it. The only way to stop Eco-catastraphy is to go along with the green goals for climate change.  The whole point is SURVIVAL.

This is exactly what are children are learning from kindergarten right on up – That their survival DEPENDS on stopping climate change.  The new amazon ad for their climate pledge shows all young people, quite angry about the need to address climate, and what are they going to do about it?  They're very angry.

The goal is childhood indoctrination.  To go from the time these kids are in kindergarten and take the next 12 years brainwashing kids, literally, so they will get out of school and they will dutifully Eat Green, Live Green, Worship Green (humanism) and Vote Green.  They will not question the green party agenda.

They are getting it from all sides. They are getting it through multiple area's of the curriculum.  They're learning it in math, they're learning it in history.  Learning to hate our country and right on down the line.  They're getting it on earth day… The media brainwashing on T.V., online, on their phones & tablets.

The first rule in Communists rules for revolution:
Corrupt the young.  Get them away from religion.  Make them superficial.  Destroy their ruggedness.  Get them interested in sex.

‘The idea was to target the young people.  Who decided it was a good idea to teach all this, way beyond age appropriate, sex education to kindergartners?  You corrupt the young.  Whether it's sex education, the CRT (critical race theory), or climate change, you're taking little children who do not have the ability to think through these things.  They go to school and they're told to listen to the teacher and they just adsorb this like little sponges, and it's public school indoctrination pure and simple. It's completely unfair to children, it's ruthless.  The communist put power over people.

The aim is to stamp out individuality, free speech and free thought.  They don't want individual thinkers.  Everything that made America great must be destroyed.  What they are hearing in school is marxist indoctrination.  Most of it is based on emotion – on purpose.  Basically painting this wonderful Utopia in the future, while trashing the present.  We need to stop the public school brainwashing of our children.  We won't have free thinking Americans if we allow this to continue.

One of the things that is important, is that these things were planned.  Now that the Biden administration has named former state senator John Kerry, as Climate Czar. And for those that don't know, in 1993 John Kerry started an organization called Second Nature.  The whole purpose of Second Nature was to go into the schools and indoctrinate the students based on climate ideas.  So that whatever they did, they would do it automatically… It would be “second nature”.  In other words they wouldn't think about it, they would just do it.  That was the goal.  One of the stated goals of Second Nature: Humans are guided by a whole set of beliefs and values.  Those come from culture, from religion, from social, economic and political structure. We need to change all of those.  So the goal of Second Nature, which also aligns with the goals of the green party, is to use political indoctrination in schools, brainwash students, to change the cultural, religious, social, economic, and political structure of our nation.  The brainwashing of America to change our culture and society.  The Mission of Second Nature: “We accelerate climate action in, and through, higher education”.  We work with the key decision makers, administering programs and services that urgently create, implement, and scale innovative climate solutions.  They offer resources, relationships, credibility and knowledge to accelerate climate action in, and leverage the strength of, colleges & universities.

There is no way someone can listen to this stuff, if you have an kind of common sense at all, and not see that there are a lot of cracks in these crazy theories.  There are many young people that are seeing through the fact of what's going on in the schools.  Many have gone along with it, or you get a bad grade.  The homeschooling has been very helpful, but we still have to clean up and get our public schools back to normal, or shut them down. One or the other and start over.

These groups have infiltrated and they're well funded.  Like the funding that was given to climate literacy and education for sustainability.  Radical environmentalists have been able to take their ideas and get the job done.  Many of the bills that were proposed and funded were based on “a vague idea”, but not on curriculum.  So these ideas went into law and then those groups decided upon the curriculum, that's why are schools are such a mess. 

The bill gets passed, it becomes law and then basically the curriculum is a blank check, versus the other way around – What is the law, what curriculum are you proposing, does this match the constitution, is this good or harmful to our children, and then decide on weather or not you pass a bill to fund it.

Many of these organizations have received grants to go ye forth and green our schools, at the expense of the American people.  They turned our schools upside down.  A lot of them get their money from people like George Soros who are adamantly anti private property.  George Soros is a Marxist.  He promotes a lot of communist ideas.  Same with a lot of these groups.  The power elite understand one thing, they understand power.  The more they slice and dice and destroy our civil society and turn us into what I call a balkanized country, where everybody is battling one another, rather than working together to thwart our common enemy, which is the power elite. Groups like BLM and Antifi are well funded by these people because they know they can create the kind of chaos that will get our Country turned upside down. That's how Marxism works.

The whole point of America was to make everyone equal and then you can go forward and become whatever you could be.  What's going on in our schools is to diminish that, to take that away. To have brainwashed kids, not thinking, dumbed down, to where they don't have that incentive.  They don't have that thought process.

But one of the good things about young people, is there is a lot of them like me, who would do the exact opposite of what they were told.  To a certain extent I see the young people starting to rebel because they're starting to realize that this control grid is taking over everything and they're going to have no freedom at all.  They are finally starting to understand that what we are going to leave them, isn't going to be worth inheriting if they don't do something about it.

Young people in universities recognize that college brainwashing is happening and want to know what they can do about it.  The problem is their grades depend on it. That's the hammer that they have over the children.  In high school, if you don't get the grades then you don't go to College.  In College if they don't get the grades, they don't graduate with honors.  That's the whole point. 

They targeted higher education specifically because that's where you train America's next leaders.  That's where you train the teachers that are going to train the next generations of children.

The third goal of the communist revolution is to divide people into hostile groups by harping on controversial matters of no important.  If you think about the cancel culture, books are banned, you can't say this word or that word.  That's just to keep the pot boiling.  Keep everything in an uproar so people don't have peace.  That's why we can not allow this to continue, we need to reclaim our country by reclaiming the principles upon which it was founded.  Reclaim our schools to go back to teaching academic excellence in certain areas and eliminate all the political.  We can do this. The political was put in there where it shouldn't have been.  The activism was put in there where it shouldn't have been.  The kids have been influenced in a manner they should not have been with fear of environmental destruction.  That needs to be removed no question.  No compromise.  We have to stop the indoctrination of our children.

The philosophy of the classroom in one generation, will be the philosophy of the government in the next. – Abraham Lincoln.

Why do the communists target kindergartner's?  Because they'll vote in just 12 short years.  If you indoctrinate a kindergartner, you can create a massive voter block to vote exactly the way the greens want you to vote.  It's a communist mentality coming from multiple groups.  The greens are one major faction but the teachers unions and others are promoting this as well.  The common denominator is elitism, it is control and it is to change our nation from what it is, to what they want it to be. Call it Marxism, Totalitarianism, Collectivism.  If we don't want that here we must stand up.

The communist party has said for years as a strategy – never do anything in your name what you can do in somebody else's.  What the liberal agenda has done, is under the big umbrella of the environmental protection, you have social justice, social equity, environmental justice, you name it, all these things have been cultivated under the umbrella of the environmental movement.  What they're advancing is communism, but the mantra is – we're politically neutral, we're non-partisan. That is simply not true and what we need to do is start calling it like it is…

If the environmental movement is advancing communist policies, which they are, if the green party is advancing communist idea's and the green new deal is advancing communist ideology, we need to call it communism.

We need to call it what it is, start dealing with it what it is, and really hold the groups that are advancing communism accountable.  The environmental movement is not a non-partisan movement.  It is a communist movement.  I think that is how they have gotten away with so much, and I say they as in the multiple organizations – the environmental movement, Second Nature, Earth Day have gotten away with it because they basically lied by saying they were non-partisan but their policy's show they're advancing communist goals and that's what we need to be honest about and put the label where it belongs.  They're advancing communism and we need to oppose it.  That's what it is and that's what we need to call it.

Examples of Indoctrination in our education…

When you think about just how indoctrinated these young people are, through the school-system, to be part of the accepted group, you buy into this activism.  If the whole class is making anti fossil fuel posters, these kids are forced to make the posters and then go carry them down the street to city hall, so they get kind of get drug-in and forced into this a little bit.

In Portland Oregon they passed the climate resolution which says basically, humans are the cause of climate change and the teachers can not teach anything different. One sided teaching.  You can not have a teacher teach anything but climate change is human caused and you all need to be social justice activists in order to turn this around.  This is what you must do.  So 42,000 students in Portland have been learning since 2016, One Way Thinking.  That's how it happens.

How did they use education to get people against Trump after he was elected?  In reference to oppressed verse the oppressor and the theory of critical race theory, they said – Trump may be our president but he is not president of our classrooms. Trumps assault on immigrants and refugees and his dehumanization of the people of color are rooted in historic patterns of white supremacy. – This was years before the real hard push for critical race theory.  So this idea was put out there and it's part of the school propaganda.  The brainwashing.  And it says resistance shall be necessary to challenge Trumps agenda.  What they are talking about is using education to turn people against Trump.  One of the rallying cries of antifa is “no borders, no wall, no usa at all”.

That kind of sums up what indoctrination can do.  The whole idea is the social justice classroom should prize activism and struggle.  Social justice teaching in one classroom is hard to sustain.  The most successful teaching takes place where entire schools are committed to participation in social justice activism.  This is what's has been being pushed for decades and the reason so many parents didn't know is because it was hidden.  Not something that was promoted.  And that's why part of our job, very responsibly, following the golden rule, is to start pointing out that the left wing bias in education is a communist agenda to indoctrinate our kids.  It's that simple.  We have a problem in our schools.  We have a problem in our country.  One of the reasons the green agenda has been very successful is because all the groups are working together.  Earth day chimes in with education for sustainability that chimes in with critical race theory and you have all of these groups working toward the same thing.

We need to show up and oppose communism in American schools and our schools being turned from a politically neutral standard of education into a place of activism and social change.  That's not what our schools are for.  That's not what we pay for. Critical race theory does not belong in our schools and we have to get the environmental agenda out as well.

Because it has not been called out as a communist agenda, we have major corporations which were recruited by the environmental movement, recruited by Earth Day.  You have major corporations supporting earth day – and earth day as an indoctrination tool.  Absolutely, positively no question about it.  Then the environmental movement, green politics, green communism, has advanced to the point where now you have the same groups saying oh, ok, social justice, now we need to move to social equity and they are busy being on what they consider to be the green team.  They're not looking at the communist end game and they're going to be out of business.

The definition of social justice from this movement in our schools is that, social justice is the movement towards eliminating oppression and achieving equality in the distribution of goods and wealth among all groups in society.  In other words, pull those who have been successful down, pull those who have not been successful up, make everybody equal and control everybody so they stay right there.  They don't go up.  And everybody is equally poor.  When there is no reward or incentive it will destroy the economy.

So many of our young people have bought into the idea of socialist programs in the us because they have loving hearts and socialism sounds like a way to help people. Because they have loving hearts, they buy it hook, line and sinker.  One of the tenants of this green education is that your smarter than your parents.  Your parents are stupid and this is what we need to do to create true democracy.  The young people buy into it for all the wrong reasons.  They want to do the right thing but they don't have the life experiences to make these decisions.  They listen to the college professor and can parrot information.  They have all the talking points down, but they can't take a look at all the pieces of the puzzle and weigh the pros and cons.

Indoctrination and education, those that are involved in it, whether it's the zinn education project, rethinking schools, Al Gore or Second Nature, it's a communist takeover of our schools and we need to oppose it on that basis.

If your one of the useful idiots of the left and you think that this green new deal and this green society or this wonderful communist culture that you opine for with all your heart, you think that's what your going to live in?  Guess again.  As soon as they get rid of us they are going to get rid of you.  That's one of things that Stalin was notorious for.  As soon as he killed off his opposition he started killing of the people that helped him get rid of the opposition.  The elitists want to run and control everyone.  Whether it is any of the groups that the environmental movement has used, the greens have used, you're going to be a slave right along with the rest of us. You're not going to have some special area where you will be exempt from communism.  The communism control will be across the board except for the elitist.

Every day seems to drive us farther from the founding principles of private property, personal responsibility and free choice that were mainstays of American exceptionalism until a generation ago.

It's time for Americans to wake up and realize just exactly how far upside down this country is.

One of the strongest things we can do is get active state wide or locally.  Start there. Whether it's the schools, the school board, county commissioners, board of supervisors, depending on where you are, we need to insist that constitutional principles are upheld, they uphold their oath of office, that they cease and desist in promoting a partisan agenda especially in our schools. 

We need to oppose policies that are directly aimed at imposing communism. Whether it's removing private property rights, socialist indoctrination in public schools or communist party ideology. We need to oppose that.  The majority of Americans are free thinkers and they don't want to give that up.  And they don't want to give their freedom up.  America was always known as the one bright spot in the world that would always stand in defense of liberty and the good of the common man.  What happened to change that?

America may be living its last days as a constitutional republic!  Will we walk like sheep to the slaughter, or will WE CHOOSE FREEDOM?

All you need to do is just SAY NO, and mean it.  If we stand together as Americans, we can turn this around.  We can do it responsibly, but we need to do it immediately.Wake Up AmericaShare this important information with your friends and families!

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