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Learning to understand the difference between reality and illusion (delusion) should be a concept that most people can understand and would choose. However, because of 100+ years of increasingly controlled media and a power elite that are masters of deception, we live in a very false reality and a world vastly different than most people imagine. As in George Orwell's book 1984, reality is shaped by those in control and the Ministry of Truth is constantly re-writing history to conform with the wishes of those in control of global society.

We are morphing into a society of controlled lemmings racing toward our own destruction while those shaping the illusion practice social engineering and other controlled society programs that strip our freedom and force us into collectivist programs intended to radically reduce human population and our ability to resist tyranny from above. We no longer have the ability to shape our own destiny, and in fact will be lucky to live meaningful lives.

How did we get into this predicament, and what are the forces aligned against a free and prosperous society? What can we do to return sanity and a sense of personal responsibility to a society of controlled lemmings educated into socialism and much worse? How can we regain control of our lives, our finances, our government, and our children?

Join us for an expedition into a reality much different than that provided by the mainstream media and the power elite controlling the political leaders and financial centers that provide the illusions of a stable, just & equitable world meant to provide for our well being.

Wake up America and join the fight to preserve our great republic.

Kent Lewiss – is the founder and creator of Freedom.social. He is the CEO of Uncensored Freedom Inc. and Freedom Currency Inc. He is a Conceptional Software Engineer and a Pure ~ free thinking visionary who is a legit freedom fighting entrepreneur and who loves to pay it forward and see people succeed.

Kent’s intent is to work with the blockchain and cryptocurrency community to build out open source marketplaces and circumvent the coming beast system. FACT is, BITCOIN IS CONTROLLED BY THE FEDERAL RESERVE. FEDcoin Around the Corner? – Introduction:
Personally, I am not anti-government, I am pro government for and by the people.
I was recently speaking with my friend G. Edward Griffin in which I said, “Ed, what governments, banks and big business are doing with specifically the blockchain is going to make what they did on Jekyll Island look like a walk in the park, this will literally enslave all of humanity, and they tricked libertarians and the decentralized cryptocurrency community into creating their control system for them”.

The Freedom Movement and libertarians focused on the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies and did not pay attention to what banks, countries and corporations were doing specifically with distributed ledger technology. The Freedom Movement and libertarians focused have been tricked into creating the beast system for the central banks.
It is up to the Freedom Movement and the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Community to work together to create solutions for people who choose to live free can live free.

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