Welcome to Red Pill Expo #9, November 12th and 13th in Salt Lake City, UT.  As always, we have an amazing cast of Red Pill speakers to help our attendees shatter the illusion and step outside the matrix that has turned freedom loving and happy individuals into fearful and paranoid victims of oppressive police state controllers.
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Guest: G. Edward Griffin
Guest: Nathan Descheemaeker
Guest: Dr. Alphonzo Monzo

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It has taken far too long, but many Americans are finally saying that they have had enough and are becoming very vocal in their opposition to the destruction of the institutions that made America great.  The Leftists have overplayed their hand and have turned off many of the most milquetoast, politically correct and ill informed amongst us.

Americans have a history of almost unlimited tolerance of really stupid people and unpopular political movements, but that is nearing an end.  Classically liberal American tolerance of all ideas, even stupid ones, is how the radical left has accomplished so much in their long march to bring down America.  They have successfully hidden their real agendas, all the while worming their way into our cultural, civic and governmental institutions until they are nearly unstoppable………but not quite.

Join us in Salt Lake City on November 12th and 13th as we expose the architects of the Matrix. Join many others who share your thirst for truth and enlightenment. We promise that it will be worth the effort.


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