America is in peril. We may not want to admit it, but our great nation has lost many of the liberties that we have always taken for granted, and it is mostly our own fault. Our lives seem to get far too caught up in the business of living; making our jobs, raising families, and paying the bills our highest priorities. We tend to think that we cannot make a difference anyway, so we leave it to others to do the heavy lifting associated with civic responsibility and participation in local, state, and national politics. Although we love our country and the freedoms that we have enjoyed because of the sacrifice of prior generations, most Americans would rather go shopping or watch a football game on television than take the time and effort necessary to remain free.

Understanding Agenda 21

The Replacement of local governments and elected officials with Regionally Appointed governments. Known as COGs (Councils of Governments), they are straight out of the ICLEI (the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives) sustainable development playbook. COGs have one purpose: end local, democratically elected governments and replace them with autocratically controlled regional bureaucracies willing to promote sustainability and one world government.

Guests: Dr. Michael Coffman and Michael Shaw

Conservatives care little about gaining power to control others (it's not in our basic DNA), with most just wanting to be left alone to live their lives as they see fit. Progressive socialists on the other hand see themselves as being much smarter than conservatives, and think that because they possess such incredible wisdom, they should be put in charge to set the rules for the rest of us. They attend the meetings because they know that most of us are to busy making a living to be bothered with the humdrum of meetings……but progressives can, because they know that the ones who show up win, and as a consequence have been winning most of the important battles for many decades. Most see government not as the problem, but as the solution to the ills in society. Although most are atheists and don't believe in in a higher power, they see mankind as far to weak and selfish to make decisions for themselves and see the collective judgment of bureaucrats and so-called experts as being much better in the long run. There is no limit to the level of government control that they see as ideal. This is not overstatement, it is fact; learned after a lifetime of study and observation of human nature and the progressive liberal mindset. We have been losing because we never learned how to play the gram, and the progressive socialists now have a well established HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE.

If we care for the future of America, we must start being part of the solution. That solution is taking the time and effort necessary to stop the progressive takeover of our culture and institutions by the self appointed smart people in charge of our schools, media and public institutions. There is no alternative to participation……..he who shows up wins, so we had better start showing up!

The good news is that most progressive socialists are sneaky and cowards, seldom showing all their cards because they know that if they do, most folks will roundly reject what they want to bring to the table. Your job is showing up and exposing the lies that our progressive opponents use to confuse and hide their socialists programs. As the saying goes “freedom is not free”, but the price is certainly worth the price of admission to the greatest single experiment in liberty in world history.

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