providing solutions that work.

This week we will be focusing on solutions and harnessing the talent of young, involved patriots that understand what is happening to America and are dedicated to restoring American exceptionalism and the concept of republican government. Our guests are two very young and very talented nationally renowned motivational speakers who will provide answers and activist solutions to reverse 21st Century American progressivism.

We will look at ways to expose the false promises of progressive socialist organizations and focus on activist tools and and persuasion to counteract the destruction of our constitutional republic. Tune in to hear how youthful America will provide the leadership and motivation necessary to bring America back to it’s constitutional roots.

Dan Johnson is the Executive Director of We Do Better (WDB).

Prior to joining WDB, he was already Doing Better in the fight against indefinite detention, as the Founder of People Against the NDAA (PANDA), which he grew into one of the largest civil liberties movements in America. His track record as an activist led to his serving as President of the Solutions Institute, an activist training center. He has written for many news outlets, including the Huffington Post, frequently speaks at major events around the country, and has appeared on numerous radio and TV shows.
We Do Better was born out of Dan’s work with the Tax Revolution Institute. As Executive Director, he presided over the establishment of the First Amendment Alliance to protect nonprofit free speech; and gained the fundamental insight that attempts to solve problems in the funding of public services will fail all the while they do not address, let alone improve, the provision of those services.
Jeff Lewis’s bio:
A veteran of Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, and a four-time cancer survivor, Jeff has the unenviable experience of adapting and overcoming life-threatening situations. Jeff’s leadership as co-founder and National Director of the Patriot Coalition, and National Director of the FIRE Coalition, resulted in active legislation and resolutions in Congress, as well as in state and local governments across the country. Over the past decade, Jeff has testified before state legislatures, consulted and advised federal, state, and local officials, as well as candidates for office. Jeff has also conducted briefings for Members of Congress and state legislators, and hosted National Security Conferences. A Naval Nuclear Power School graduate, he holds a degree in Wireless Networking and currently serves as a Senior Advisor to Dan Johnson at We Do Better.

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