Are we a nation of laws under a Constitution and Bill of Rights or a nation of rulers that make the laws up to suit their agendas?

Since 2014 we have interviewed a number of guests highlighting the double standard within the justice system between rulers and ruled.  It is now commonly understood by most Americans that we have a two tier “just-us” system that allows the political class and their toadies within the administrative state to commit any crime with impunity. 

The independent press was bought and paid for long ago by the same powerful forces that now control the puppets occupying the highest positions in our government, making the discovery and exposure of corruption nearly impossible.  Academia followed close behind with the Marxification of Ivy League Campuses and institutions of higher learning that trained the professors and primary/secondary teachers within the public education system.

When those in control are given this kind of power, the results are tragically predictable……………….corruption beyond our wildest expectations.  Moreover, with that limitless corruption comes the power to jack-boot and destroy anyone willing to challenge the legal authority of the controllers.  If you think this is gross overstatement, you may have been comatose since the 2016 Presidential election.

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Guest: Terry Turchie – was the first Deputy Assistant Director of the Counterterrorism Division of the FBI, between March 2000 and May 1, 2001.  His leadership was the driving force behind the capture of two of the most elusive and solitary domestic terrorists in U.S. history.  Book: In Their Own Words, the Democratic Party's Push Towards a Communist America
Guest: Konstantinos “Gus” Dimitrelos the CEO of Cyber Forensics, Inc. an international digital forensics consulting and services corporation. He is certified as a cyber and mobile forensics expert and has testified in International, Federal and State courts in classified, criminal and civil matters. He is also a certified Federal and State court expert in cellular historical data reconstruction commonly referred to as cellular triangulation or call detail records (CDR) analysis.

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The Washington Deep State District of Criminals truly is a den of vipers!!!

Although Donald Trump made some serious miscalculations during his presidency, the most egregious was his gross underestimation of the broad scope of administrative state corruption and the immense power they held over the American people including the President.  I don't think any of us realized just how bad it really was until we witnessed for ourselves the frenzied attacks against a populist President that believed in “America First” and was staunchly anti-globalist.

Those in charge of the deep state had worked tirelessly for over 100 years to see their dream of a Marxist/technocratic world government put into place, and this upstart from Queens was about to end that vision dead in its tracks.  He came from nowhere and had the temerity to challenge their power and vision for America's future with silly ideas of: national sovereignty, secure borders, entrepreneurship, free market capitalism, patriotism, and worst of all, an “America First” slogan that made the New World Order believers froth with rage.

And good people; although many of us had warned of the corruption in the District of Criminals for years, none of us had realized the depth and breadth of the deep state swamp or the reptilian denizens within that were all about “fundamentally transforming” America into their vision of a Marxist utopia.  Treason doesn't even begin to describe the intentional attacks on our Constitution and Bill of Rights by these low-life scum.

The good news is that although extremely powerful and deeply entrenched within the “swamp” the truly bad actors working to destroy our constitutional system are definitely in the minority… most estimates 5% or less.  Although many federal employees have gone along with increasingly Marxist policies to protect their jobs, most are solidly American and patriotic to the core.

Through intimidation and coercion by higher-ups within their agencies, they have allowed and even advanced policies that are not in theirs or Americas best interests.  Naivety and the go-along-to-get-along attitudes that personify a soft, dispassionate, entertainment centered lifestyle is the hallmark of 21st Century America.  Political correctness and social justice policies that sounded rational in the very beginning quickly morphed into full blown Marxist dogma demonizing traditional American values and canonizing brazenly anti-American political extremism.

En masse the endless attacks on our basic institutions and society as a whole have had a terrible toll on our economic, social, moral, and political health as a nation.  In 50 years we have gone from the largest creditor nation to the largest debtor nation, turning most of our manufacturing sector over to our ideological enemies, communist China.

It is time for the American Public Sector to realize how they have been misled and used as pawns in a political game to bring down the greatest experiment in freedom ever devised by man.  It is time for true Americans to claim responsibility for their actions and stop the endless excuses for allowing this cancer to destroy us from within.  It is time for the public sector insiders to declare their fealty and let everyone know whether they are Americans first or traitors to the cause of liberty.

Now is a time for truth and fidelity.

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