Fear has become the tool of the Power Elite to control the masses by severing their relationship with God, and putting faith in man.

If ever there was an important message that God fearing Americans and people of faith around the world need to hear, it is that faith can easily replace fear, and must do so for the sake of humanity.  Evil can only flourish in a climate of fear and isolation, while faith can flourish in good times or bad when we open our hearts to the will of God.

Fear and anger is the life source of evil people.  Their existence is enhanced by the misery and suffering of others; explaining their need for wars, bloodshed, laboratory created disease, starvation, persecution, and suffering, in a world of otherwise unlimited human, spiritual, intellectual and natural resources.

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Guest: Carrie Madeh received her medical degree from Kansas City University of Medical Biosciences in 2001. She then completed her traditional internship at the The Medical Center in Columbus, Georgia and internal medicine residency at Mercer University in Macon Georgia.  She served as a private clinician and medical director of clinics in Georgia until 2015. Dr. Madej also served as an attending physician for the Pennsylvania College of Osteopathic Medicine – Georgia Campus, where she mentored students in clinical applications of internal medicine for 8 years.  She has served as a public speaker and was featured in the 2009 documentary, “The Marketing of Madness” about the overuse of prescription psychotropic medicines.

Guest: Kate Shemirani (TNT Radio Live) is a registered general nurse. She trained in 1984 and has a vast range of nursing experience, specializing in surgical areas, accidents and emergencies and NHS Direct.  Kate is an outspoken critic of the widely used/forced government mandates promoting the largely untested experimental drugs making up the Covid-19 “vaccine” program. Natural Nurse in a Toxic World ~ General Nurse & Diploma in Personal Nutrition ~ Co founder of the British Nursing Alliance ~ Health Advisor / Nurse Sons of Liberty Radio USA ~ Host of The Kate Shemirani Show Unity News Network

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Human health is correctly correlated to mental as well as physical well being. More often than not, a healthy mental state can be the best medicine for a nagging health issue, and an increasing number of Medical Doctors and Health Professionals are beginning to realize the detrimental effects of an over-reliance on pharmaceutical drugs that mask symptoms but rarely cure disease.

The other day I saw an advertisement for an anti-depression drug that was meant to suppliment other anti-depression drugs by taking both together for enhanced effect.  A logical question would be; if the first drug works as advertised, why would you need a supplimental second drug?

The frosting on the cake is the list of possible side effects from taking this drug including a litany of medical conditions, depression and thoughts of suicide.  An anti-depressant that might make you sick, depress you or give you thoughts of suicide?

Why would anyone in their right mind even consider putting something like this into their bodies?  The answer; ignorance and an over reliance on medical professionals trained to use pharmaceutical drugs for any physical or mental disorder, seldom considering the consequences of being over-prescribed.

As the saying goes, if you are a hammer, everything looks like a nail, and if you are a pharmaceutical company every disease looks like a payday.

The Covid-19 plandemic has been exposed as one of the clearest examples of medical malfeasance in human history.  Not only was the disease created in and released from a lab in Wuhan, China, much of the funding for “gain of function” came from U.S. sources in academia and the federal government with Obama's and Fauci's fingerprints everywhere.

The lies and propaganda that surrounded the disease, its transmissibility, the actual mortality rates by various age groups, the effectiveness of facemasks, the safety of Covid shots, the nearly total shutdown of the U.S. economy, and the ceaseless fear mongering and demonization of skeptics was unprecedented.

As if the medical issues weren't enough, anyone simply questioning the wisdom of injecting your body with untested mRNA nano technology and gene therapy was labeled as an anti-vaxxer and many people were fired from their jobs for refusing the jab for medical and religious reasons.

We were told that we should follow the science and listen to the experts.

Were these the same experts that kept changing the science and their advice by the hour?

Were these the same experts that labeled almost every small business, restaurant, and church as unessential while they gave every big box store, bar and strip club the green light to stay open?

Were these the same experts that arrested individuals walking all alone on the beach or wanting to see Grandma for Thanksgiving, but giving ANTIFA and BLM the green light to riot, loot and form mobs in many of our major cities?

Obviously, scaring everyone into submission, shutting down the economy, destroying Trumps re-election bid and breaking down civil society played a much bigger part in the Plandemic than the actual disease.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch………Big Pharma had the biggest payday ever making over a trillion dollars from mandated “vaccines” while Sleepy Joe Obiden miraculously pulled off the biggest come from behind victory ever, despite spending the entire campaign in his basement with crowds in the single digits attending his infrequent rallies.

The next staged event is undoubtedly being planned or already underway.  I don't know about you, but to me, anyone who even listens to these loons is probably a candidate for a rubber room or might be suffering from blood clots in the brain from their 4 or 5 Covid jabs.  The most important lessons to be learned from the past 3 years is: never blindly follow anyone, question everyone, and put your faith in God……..not in man.

When the Founding Fathers drafted the Declaration of Independence and severed their ties with the British Crown, the single most important concept imparted was recognition of our unalienable (God given) rights as supreme, while exposing the tyrannical nature of any rights controlled by a king or mortal ruler.

That message was indelibly clear, but nearly 250 years later, mass mind control and a climate of perpetual fear have blurred the American dream of liberty and justice for all.  We should be living in service to God, not man.  We must not fear for our lives, we must enjoy and dedicate our lives to God and work with others sharing the dream of a world of free men and women.

Happy Independence Day!


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