The Matrix is all around us.  It is invisible and all encompassing, recording our every action and increasingly recording our thoughts, habits and behavior in ways that would have been inconceivable a generation ago.  By monitoring every action in our lives through computer algorithms, we no longer have even the slightest privacy, and in fact have become human guinea pigs for a very small but select group of control agents intent on managing humans like domestic livestock.  Welcome to The New World Order, where human life become meaningless and society is manipulated from cradle to grave by change agent controllers who shape the world in their perverse Marxist utopian image, not the image of God the creator.

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The tools of this New World Order Technocracy are the creations of mankind, modified by the “controllers” through advanced technology and artificial intelligence to perform functions that mirror human intelligence with the added benefit of unlimited memory.  With the introduction of nano technologies and Artificial Intelligence, vaccines can now be used to introduce machine language programming into the human body and the once fanciful notion of TransHumanism (integrating man and machine) is becoming reality.

Smart Meters and smart appliances are only small steps in the creation of a control grid that knows everything about you and anyone who lives in your home 24/7/365.  The society envisioned in George Orwell's 1984 pales by comparison to the reality of 2021 and the level of surveillance at the disposal of the deep state technocrats that intend to control your lives, choosing who live & dies, and how they live while they are alive.  In the brave new world that now surrounds us, we are told that we must ignore the opportunity for abuse of this technology and to believe that it will only be used for our convenience and safety.  Our uptopian lives will be so very easy and convenient if we just allow all of this technology to be implemented to it's full potential……………or so they say.

When we abandon freedom of choice and start allowing others to tell us what is for our good, we lose a very critical ingredient of American exceptionalism; accepting the responsibility to make wise choices for our own self interest with the knowledge that those choices will have consequences…..both good and bad.  When choices are made for us by others that are unaccountable for those choices, there is a much greater likelihood of bad choices. Communists and other assorted collectivists are targeting the uniquely American idea of private property because they see life as a zero-sum game where there is only one pie and it must be divided they way they determine is “just and equitable” while free market thinkers are busy making more pies so we all get a bigger piece; or maybe even our own pie.

Simply put, the new technocracy being implemented with smart meters, smart appliances, 5G and the unrestricted video/audio surveillance state will trap us so completely within the Matrix that we will never escape.  Wake Up America and educate yourself to all the consequences of giving control of our lives to others.  Liberty does not have an expiration date or a bar code; unlike the brave new world “4th Industrial Revolution” and Great Reset being touted by U.N. Marxist technocrats like Klaus Schwab and U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres.

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Jerry Day – Trained in electromagnetics and electronics, Jerry has spent his life working in the film and television industry and became interested in the rapid transition to wireless communications technology while researching the impacts of various forms of wireless communication.  This led to a acute understanding of the health impacts of many of these new technologies and the totality of the surveillance state power to control all human actions and behavior with the manipulation of this wide reaching but very subtle monitoring capability.  His contributions to smart meter and 5G research have helped millions to understand the dangers of walking blindly into this brave new world of wireless communications without proper testing and safeguards.  His landmark videos are available online and through his websites.
Office: 818-319-4282
Cell: 818-843-3667

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