China, with the help of social media giants like Google, Facebook and Twitter have created a censorship/police state control grid for the world.

Join us as we explore the many tentacles of this control grid culture and the obvious impacts on our individual liberty.
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Guests: Pastor Jordan Hall & David Sumrall

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Not long after the public offering of American software giant Google, it began to morph into an international leviathan with little ideological connection with capitalistic culture and American idealism.  In fact, the Google hierarchy very quickly fell into bed with the CCP Communist Chinese leadership, and began to create the technological architecture for a Marxist control grid society that supports the police state culture of President Xi and the CCP.

The contribution that Google software engineers made to this control grid society is a multi-faceted program of visual tracking devices combined with electronic monitoring of all personal computer and communications devices.  It is know as the Chinese “social credit system”.  Literally every keystroke and conversation is monitored then combined with visual monitoring equipment capable of retinal scans, facial recognition, body structure/movement identification and sophisticated tracking techniques to create an air tight surveillance society.

If you are an obedient servant to the communist masters, you will be rewarded with career, housing, income and lifestyle bonuses.  However, if you are not a faithful follower of this totalitarian ideology, you will be punished in varying degrees until you learn to toe the line.  If you are an outright dissident, you will very quickly end up as a political prisoner or involuntary organ donor interred in one of the many prison work camps and re-education centers scattered around China.

When Google created this Orwellian system for President Xi, they made it clear to all that this would be the basic blueprint for a worldwide surveillance society that would be capable of controlling everyone and everything on the planet.  It will incorporate the “Internet of Things – 4th Industrial Revolution” to track consumer goods and industrial productions (our “carbon footprint”) and to assure the redistribution of wealth and economic equality that suits the fancy of the power elite in charge of nearly every country.

This platform also fits perfectly with UN Agenda 21/2030 programs to restructure society around their blueprint for a sustainable future that is at the core of their Marxist-centric plan to destroy industrial society by stifling the innovation that is associated with free markets, capitalism and free choice.  It quite literally determines where you live, how you live, what you eat, what work you do, your education levels and tailors your lifestyle to a carbon footprint that is “sustainable” according to their Marxist technocrats.

The whole world is becoming a police state and the Power Elite/Globalist goons who created this nightmarish system with the unlimited technological and monetary support of useful idiots from banking, big tech, Google and within our own government, have nearly brought America to its knees……..and they did it without firing a shot.

Add to this chaos the CCP created Covid-19 virus lockdowns, destruction of American small businesses, exponential expansion of governmental spending, and the rapidly expanding police state with their mandated forced vaccination programs; the end of  a constitutional America will become reality.  Without divine intervention and a vast number of Americans with a brain who are beginning to grow a backbone, America as a sovereign nation will end soon.

The complete implementation of the social credit system is already well entrenched within American society.  It has been used within the insurance industry for several decades and is now becoming part of the financial and legal/political culture.  With the recognition that much of our academic/social culture and political leadership is part of the Marxification of America, it does not take a genius to “connect the dots” between the Google Archipeligo of communist China and the technocratic superstate that has become our national government.  America “the hove of the free and land of the brave” is rapidly evolving into “the land of the sheep and the home of the slave”.

WAKE UP AMERICA and use your head for
something other than a hat holder!!

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