This program will entertain and enlighten you about one of the strangest paradoxes known to man……… ……the LIBTARD SAVANT, a group of intellectually gifted, but often socially retarded misfits, that when put into a position of power, can create absolute havoc when their lack of common sense is mixed with an over inflated ego, and desire to control society.

So who are the libtard savants, and why do I also link them with sociopaths?  Because they are often both libtards and sociopaths!  You see, libtard savants are often so consumed with their own importance and a sense that they are gifted with such extraordinary brilliance that they feel omnipotent.  This self importance is born out by their success and the fact that so many people will grovel at their feet and prostrate themselves to be part of their entourage.

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Guest: MS King is a private investigative journalist and researcher.  He has studied this societal phenomenon and written a brilliant book describing this group of high IQ nitwits.

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Why do we follow the direction of people so entirely unsuited to lead, often with blind faith that they will save us?

Have you ever wondered how many seemingly intelligent individuals have some of the most convoluted and twisted logic known to man?

Have you marveled at the level of acceptance of complete nonsense the average American will accept when coming from the mouths of high I.Q. nitwits and sociopaths, just because they have 2 or 3 advanced degrees, or hold a high government or corporate position?

Growing up in an environment of high IQ nitwits and having spent the last 50 years working with assorted politicians and government bureaucrats, I am amazed at the level of control that these misfits have, and marvel even more that they have gained power despite the major gafs that should have gotten them fired or sent to prison.

Government is filled with the strangest dichotomy of underachievers and overachievers known to man.  The underachievers are attracted to government because they can can make a better salary and benefits than the private sector and can do it without working nearly as hard….plus they have the added benefit of being nearly impossible to fire when they screw up.

On the other hand, many overachievers in high elected or appointed office are not terribly talented, but have an amazing ability to suck up to people that can advance their political career or lie through their teeth with voters and somehow get away with it, often with enough closet skeletons to fill a warehouse.  It seems that the more ruthless and corrupt they are, the more likely that they will climb the (inter) national ladder of success; primarily because they know how to play the game and have no scruples about playing it dirty when it serves their self interests.  The Power Elite look for people like this because they are easy to blackmail or buy off……..and thus, easy to control.

That they are successful in getting elected and re-elected virtually forever becomes a testiment to the level of detachment and cognitive dissonance that is the norm with average Americans caught up in the rat race of life.  If Americans would stand back and look at the gigantic mess that we're in with fully opened eyes, they would realize that the rats are winning the race, in a big way.

America is being steam-rolled to oblivion, yet we continue to follow the very people that have facilitated our destruction.  Why? Because they are highly educated, rich, high up in government, control social media, or any number of questionable reasons that allow the fleecing to continue.  Like moths to the flame or sheep to the slaughter, we just keep following the same libtard savants and sociopaths that led us here in the first place. Moreover, we do it with a disconnect from reality that has been carefully honed by the Power Elite and their useful idiots occupying many of the important government, academic, media and corporate positions that will profit from our destruction…………or at least they think they will.

I know that there are also very high IQ folks that are liberal and feel that the world is unjust and must be reorganized around fairness and social justice for all.  These folks are not libtard savants, only useful idiots that have been the cannon fodder of totalitarians and Marxists for centuries.  They mean well, but lack the common sense and real life experiences to overpower their naivety.  Few have ever run a business or met a payroll, frequently coming from the government sector or academia where they are sheltered from the reality of free markets and personal responsibility.  They are merely useful idiots.


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