Statement of Purpose

Several years ago I was asked by a friend with a radio program on the Republic News Network to step into and take over his weekly, Thursday night broadcast.  I was hesitant at first because I had no broadcasting experience and am not an accomplished public speaker.  That said, I do have an advantage over many radio hosts due to my lifetime of reading, political/historical research, and from knowing and supporting a vast number of patriots within the property rights, tea party, and liberty movements from all over the world.  As the saying goes; “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” and I know a lot of high profile leaders from every walk of life and social status that are bound by the common thread of protecting America from the forces intent on destroying our constitutional republic. 

The first step was choosing a theme and program name that best described in few words what we were all about and the message we intend to bring to our listeners.  Our goal was and is always to help our listeners to connect ideas, personalities and political philosophies; in effect “Connecting the Dots between seemingly random and unrelated daily events that have shepherded us on the relentless march toward one world socialist/Marxist government.  I decided that my purpose for taking on such a demanding project must be to educate and enlighten listeners by connecting the dots between reality and perception with brilliant guests from every walk of life and field of study.

Connecting the Dots is a talk radio format that focuses on the guests, where the personality of the host is not the focus of the broadcast, and listeners tune in to learn and hear the truth, not be entertained.   Every week we weave a tapestry of ideas from previous radio programs and current world events that encourage our listeners to think critically and understand that very few actions by our so-called political leaders and establishment institutions are not part of a much bigger plan for humanity.

We welcome your participation in the next level of alternative media…………hearing the truth, the manna for critical thinkers wishing to Connect the dots.